65 essays from harvard

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65 essays from harvard

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Moore (University of Illinois 920 citations; Mark kelman (Stanford University 730 citations; neal Katyal (Georgetown University 670 citations; Gabriel Chin (University of Arizona 450 citations; Ronald. Allen (Northwestern University 400 citations. Critical theories (including Critical Legal Studies, Critical Race Theory, and Feminist Legal Theory) Because this encompasses a huge range of different approaches and subjects, we list here the top 20 scholars working in some aspect of this broad area. Martha minow (Harvard University 1580 citations, age. Richard Delgado (University of Pittsburgh 1560 citations, age n/a (est.: 60). Duncan Kennedy (Harvard University 1290 citations, age. Derrick bell (New York University 1220 citations, age. Catharine macKinnon (University of Michigan 1210 citations, age.

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McAdams (University of Chicago 650 citations, age. Anthony Amsterdam (New York University 610 citations, age. Harris (University of Pittsburgh 590 citations, age. Yale kamisar (University of San diego 550 citations, age. Stephen Saltzburg (George washington University 520 citations, age. Thomas iii (Rutgers University, newark 520 citations, age. Susan Bandes (depaul University 500 citations, age. Carol Steiker (Harvard University 490 citations, age. Runners-up: Nancy king (Vanderbilt University 430 paper citations; Orin Kerr (George washington University 410 citations; Stephanos Bibas (University of Pennsylvania 400 citations; Sara sun beale (duke university essay 390 citations; Marc Miller (University of Arizona 390 citations; Donald Dripps (University of San diego 380 citations; Jerold Israel. Other highly-cited scholars who dont work exclusively in this area: Larry Alexander (University of San diego 980 citations; Kent Greenawalt (Columbia university 960 citations; Michael.

Stephen Schulhofer (New York University 870 citations, lab age. Albert Alschuler (Northwestern University 820 citations, age. Michael Tonry (University of Minnesota 810 citations, age. Joshua dressler (Ohio state University 790 citations, age. Paul Robinson (University of Pennsylvania 770 citations, age. Liebman (Columbia university 740 citations, age. Christopher Slobogin (University of Florida 680 citations, age. Samuel Gross (University of Michigan 650 citations, age.

65 essays from harvard

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Runners-up: Richard Pildes (New York University 1190 citations; Charles Fried (Harvard University 1160 citations; Barry Friedman (New York University 1050 citations; suzanna Sherry (Vanderbilt University 1040 citations. Other highly-cited essay scholars who dont work exclusively in this area: Richard Epstein (University of Chicago 3390 citations; Ronald Dworkin (New York University) 3070 citations; Lawrence lessig (Stanford University 2500 citations; Ronald Rotunda (George mason University 1640 citations; Richard Delgado (University of Pittsburgh 1560 citations; Thomas. Criminal law and procedure because this encompasses a huge range of really quite different topics (from criminal law theory, to policing policy, to constitutional criminal procedure, to federal criminal law we list here the top 20 scholars working in some aspect of this broad area. Dan Kahan (Yale University 1070 citations, age. Robert weisberg (Stanford University 1060 citations, age. George Fletcher (Columbia university 1040 citations, age. William Stuntz (Harvard University 970 citations, age.


Philip Frickey (University of California, berkeley 1560 citations, age. Sanford levinson (University of Texas 1510 citations, age. Owen Fiss (Yale University 1480 citations, age. Jack balkin (Yale University 1450 citations, age. Michael Dorf (Columbia university 1370 citations, age. Frank michelman (Harvard University 1360 citations, age. Martin Redish (Northwestern University 1280 citations, age. Eugene volokh (University of California, los Angeles 1270 citations, age. Larry Kramer (Stanford University 1260 citations, age.

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65 essays from harvard

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Runners-up : Stephen yeazell (University of California, los Angeles 350 citations; Mary kay kane (University of California, hastings 320 citations; Jack Friedenthal (George washington University 300 citations. Other highly-cited scholars who dont work exclusively in this area: geoffrey hazard (University of California, hastings 1410 citations; Samuel Issacharoff (New York University 1290 citations; Pamela karlan (Stanford University 970 citations; Daniel Meltzer (Harvard University 580 citations. Constitutional and public law since this is a large category—including not only constitutional law and theory, but also legislation, statutory interpretation, voting rights, and administrative law, among other public law fields—we list the twenty most-cited scholars. Cass Sunstein (University of Chicago 6180 citations, best age. . laurence Tribe (Harvard University 3520 citations, age. . Erwin Chemerinsky (University of California, irvine 3280 citations, age. . William Eskridge (Yale University 2810 citations, age. .

Mark tushnet (Harvard University 2780 citations, age. . Kathleen Sullivan (Stanford University 2660 citations, age. . Bruce Ackerman (Yale University 2550 citations, age. . Akhil Amar (Yale University 2470 citations, age. . Daniel Farber (University of California, berkeley 2410 citations, age. Richard Fallon (Harvard University 1640 citations, age. Robert Post (Yale University 1640 citations, age.

Civil procedure (excluding evidence see below ). Miller (New York University 1320 citations, age. Judith Resnik (Yale University 1060 citations, age. David Shapiro (Harvard University 830 citations, age. Deborah Hensler (Stanford University 620 citations, age.

Kevin Clermont (Cornell University 490 citations, age. Stephen Burbank (University of Pennsylvania 450 citations, age. Richard Marcus (University of California, hastings 450 citations, age. Linda mullenix (University of Texas 420 citations, age. Edward cooper (University of Michigan 380 citations, age. William l reynolds (University of Maryland 380 citations, age. Linda silberman (New York University 380 citations, age.

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Lynn lopucki (University of California, los Angeles 700 citations, age. White (University of Michigan 700 citations, age. Elizabeth Warren (Harvard University 680 citations, age. Westbrook (University of Texas 660 citations, age. Runners-up: Marcel Kahan (New York University 620 citations; outsiders James Cox (duke university 610 citations; Jill Fisch (Fordham University 610 citations; William Bratton (Georgetown University 590 citations; Robert Thompson (Vanderbilt University 580 citations; Stephen Choi (New York University 570 citations; david skeel (University of Pennsylvania 560. Other highly-cited scholars who biography dont work exclusively in this area: Eric Posner (University of Chicago 2020 citations; Herbert hovenkamp (University of Iowa 1450 citations; Melvin Eisenberg (University of California, berkeley 1120 citations; geoffrey miller (New York University 1090 citations; Robert. Summers (Cornell University 660 citations.

65 essays from harvard

Reinier Kraakman (Harvard University 920 citations, age. Donald Langevoort (Georgetown University 920 citations, age. Roberta romano (Yale University 920 citations, age. Bernard Black (University of Texas 880 citations, age. Douglas baird (University of Chicago 850 citations, age. Mark roe (Harvard University 800 citations, age. Stephen bainbridge (University of California, los marshall Angeles 770 citations, age. Henry hansmann (Yale University 740 citations, age. Lynn Stout (University of California, los Angeles 730 citations, age.

2020 citations, age. Jonathan Macey (Yale University 1600 citations, age. Robert Scott (Columbia university 1390 citations, age. Lucian Bebchuk (Harvard University 1140 citations, age. Gilson (Columbia university, stanford University 1080 citations, age. Larry ribstein (University of Illinois 950 citations, age. Alan Schwartz (Yale University 930 citations, age.

Citations here means an article that references the scholar, not the number of references within an article. Citations are a business measure of impact on legal scholarship since the database utilize was limited to legal periodicals (both student-edited law reviews and faculty-edited journals, including many interdisciplinary ones). Faculty who author a well-known treatise tend to do very well in citation counts, for obvious reasons. The particular ordinal rank within the top ten or twenty means very little, but the lists do tend to be fairly representative of the major scholars in the field, though with obvious exceptions in almost every field (so, just by way of example, in Criminal. Helmholz Chicago and John Witt Columbia). Age of faculty (by december 31, 2007) is listed as the easiest to fix proxy for amount of time in the academy. Unsurprisingly, the lists are dominated by faculty in their 50s and 60s. Faculty are listed by their expected affiliation as of 2008-09. At the end, there is a list of schools by the percentage of faculty who make it on one of the most cited lists.

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November 12, 2007, corrected December 18, 2007, these listings are drawn from the same data we collected in July 2007 about citations to faculty since the year 2000 that were incorporated into the. Ranking of Law Schools by Scholarly Impact released on September 1, 2007. In several cases (Bartlett, bibas, and Horwitz) we attempted to correct for the fact that these scholars are frequently cited with different spellings of their names (that had not been corrected for in the Scholarly Impact study, short but also would not have affected the overall. We also had to conduct new searches for highly-cited faculty in some areas who do not teach at schools included in the original study. Otherwise, all results are taken directly from the july 2007 data. In each specialty, we list the ten most cited faculty, or the twenty most cited in the event that the area is quite large. This is, quite plainly, not an exhaustive list of legal specialties. I have concentrated on those that are well-defined or especially important/prominent, and sometimes both. The 18 legal specialties covered are: In many cases, it is difficult to place a scholar in just one of these categories; some highly cited scholars whose work ranges widely are, therefore, listed in a separate category of other highly cited scholars who dont work.

65 essays from harvard
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