Gotong royong essay

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gotong royong essay

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Thailand was the first place i traveled to way back when I was 21 and going overseas for the first time. I am curious to see what has changed- or what has changed about my perspective now that I have traveled so much to many other places. Im also curious to see how Mal adapts- he is experiencing complete sensoral overload at the moment, and its so cute to see! There is no sign of anything bad a coup like- leave it to the peaceful, smiling Thais to have such a peaceful transition in government! Weve only been exploring about an hour and have already pigged out on fresh fruit, pad thai and delicious coconut juice from the abundant street stalls. Its muggy and overcast, like brisbane in summer, it is going to be great to get to the beaches in a couple of days!

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It was a little-bit of a sad farewell at Brisbane airport yesterday. Both our mums came along to see us dissertation off- meeting for the first time- and whilst both were sad to see their son and daughter off, they held up well! We were completely chuffed when we got on the plane and found wed been allocated exit aisle seats! Thanks to our wonderful travel agent Bernie for making notes in our booking about us being tall travellers! These seats made the 9 hour journey completely bearable- as did the bloody marys and gin and tonics- ha ha! We arrived in Bangkok at midnight Thailand time (3am Australia time) so we were both feeling really exhausted. As we drove in our taxi down the expressway, through the sprawling city that is Bangkok, a light misty rain was falling over the skyline. Red plane warning lights flashed from the top of the tallest buildings and we whizzed past street cleaners with their brooms, motorbike police on guard and families of people on scooters. We got to kao san road- travelers mecca- and checked into our hotel wed booked for our first night arrival. Such an easy place to travel in, i think Thailand will be a good integration for us both.

Wrote the above at the hotel. Tab and Anna, we found the free internet place and are there now. I got Pad Thai for 15Thb! Thats like 50 cents! Im going to get faaat. Me and Sim will go on a mission for tus thesis place soon! Sim says: Sawadeeka!, yahooooooo!

gotong royong essay

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We have aircon, toiletries, a lock for our door and a combined toilet/shower thing. Oh, and excitement plus! You have the option of douche or toilet paper! We went out for a wind down beer after dropping our stuff off. It looks very convenient for preparing for further travels. Tours, pubs, shops of every description, everything the traveller needs. Not as interesting as the streets we travelled through to get to Khao san road, but still fascinating. At the moment Im just trying to assimilate everything and take it all. Well write again shortly!

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gotong royong essay

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Holy crap it is hot. We left the airport at 10:30pm Thai time, and it was still steaming and humid. The motorcycle cops on the highway from the airport look like dudes out of a manga movie (specifically akira). They have these mad helmets, sort of a riot gear uniform and wear face masks because of all the lead from cars. Tuk tuks with enough Bling to out-bling Puff Daddy, a mixture of Western and Asian architecture, vehicles piled high with produce and passengers, strange smells, beeping horns, hookers, rain and street stalls, all at midnight.

There are kittens everywhere too. But no cats (unless this is a new super breed of midget cats). Its noisy, bright and loud. We are staying in essays the heart of Khao san road. Simone informs me that the place were staying at is pretty well equipped by Asian standards.

From what I recall of our going away party (certain parts of the night are a complete blank for some reason it was awesome to get such a turnout and to receive such kind words (and the abnormally large number of random leg humpings from. Haha simone is on the phone now trying to piece together the night with Marie (who wins the award for top effort. I think vomitus is an important factor for a successful party). Youve all helped us out in the form of putting us up, shouting drinks, giving us an inflatable kangaroo and much more. A special thanks to mum who has been a champion by having a garage sale just so she could store our stuff. Its hard to be reflective at this time because i dont really know what i am in for.

I do know though that with Sim it will be an adventurous, awakening, learning, happy, sad experience. I hope to grow and understand more about myself and the world in which we live. I think this trip will give me clarity and direction. Anyways, for now its see you later. Mal says: Pad Thai rocks!, wow what a trip out. Having never travelled before, everything here is so fascinating and different. And were only in Khao san, so i guess in the immortal words of Bachman Turner overdrive, i aint seen nothing yet. Our flight was fine. Kudos Bernie for getting us the emergency seats!

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There are just so many things to look forward to, and i am really so excited! Let the adventure begin I say! Mal says:, well shit. Its the eve of our departure. Were drinking the last of our good plonk ( a rather the cheeky riesling from NZ) and reality is slowly seeping. I wont write a diatribe on the craziness of the last few months or my current state of mind, as most of you have travelled and probably know the emotions that go through everyones head when they depart (predominantly several shades of faaaark). What I do want to say is thank you to all eksempel my friends and family. You have all been fantastic, helpful and understanding.

gotong royong essay

Packing up your life and making everything fit into just a backpack is definitely not an easy task. Makes me wonder why i keep on doing it! For me, this trip is going to be different to other trips I have done, as usually i travel solo, or with a good friend. This time, i will be journeying around the world with my amazing partner Malcolm, who has never really traveled anywhere. This is going to really make it a new and special experience (along with all the wonderful sites, sounds, smells, tastes that we will encounter too, of course!). Im looking forward to writing and pursuing my photography while away, and also getting back into an esl classroom again. Most of all, i cant wait to feel free!

enough money in time, could I really quit my job, would I stay sane even though I have been stressed out with so much to do? It has been a journey in itself just to get to the stage where Im packed and ready. Im going to miss my beautiful friends so much- our going-away party last night was amazing and so much fun, and made me realise just what wonderful friends I have! Its so hard to say goodbye to people who you love and know you wont see again for a long time. I have felt completely overwhelmed and touched by the kindness, generosity and support that has been provided to me by my friends and family in the past month. I feel so lucky and privileged to have so many amazing people in my life! There have been tears and mini anxiety attacks in reaching the goal, and it has now got to the stage where i just cant wait to just get on that plane on the 25th at 3pm! I also cant wait to get on the beach in Thailand to really chill out and start to unwind from the mayhem that has been the past few weeks.

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gotong royong essay
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