Little girl wallpaper

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little girl wallpaper

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Photo by: Audra Wrisley via: The little Umbrella This cheery nursery incorporates soft baby colors for a classic, storybook appearance. Photo by: Kelly rucker via: The little Umbrella If you prefer a simplistic nursery design for your baby girl, choose a special decorative piece to hang above her crib. Photo by: Adriana Klas via: The little Umbrella design your baby girls room with the crib centered under a unique light fixture instead of using a traditional baby mobile. Photo by: Brett jessica via: 100 layer cakelet.

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Photo by: Suddenly Inspired via: Blog The soft-colored polka dots on these plain white nursery walls are subdued enough that you can still hang artwork. Photo by: Little look via: Blog The antique theme of this nursery is achieved with a vintage crib and mirrors, a lovely chandelier, and soft, faded colors. Photo by: Brittany jones via: Inspired by This Install hooks or knobs on the wall to put your prettiest baby girl dresses out on display. Photo by: Pink little notebook via: Blog This baby girl nursery creates a classy, feminine atmosphere with soft pinks and floral wallpaper. Photo by: Blush Photography via: The Glitter guide This simple trick of painting a frame around a hanging at piece will draw attention to it and make thesis it appear larger. Photo by: Life in hearts via: Blog The oversized floral initial in this baby girl room is a great idea to add texture and a feminine touch. Photo by: meagan bailey photography via: Blog Add subtle girly touches to a soothing blue nursery like ruffles and a dainty chandelier. Photo by: Moske monkey business via: Blog The decorator of this nursery had the great idea to fill this hot pink accent wall with lots of fun doodles and drawings. Photo by: Simply The nest via: Florence finds Purchase hand-painted letters to spell out your daughters name and match with the theme of her nursery. Photo by: Alison Frank via: The little Umbrella The top of the dresser is a great place to bring your baby room decorating ideas to life, like the assortment of items in this example.

Photo by: biography Jenna henderson via: The little Umbrella One baby girl nursery idea that will never go out of style is the use of soft pink, yellow, and blue. Photo by: Chelsea davis Photo via: The little Umbrella This circus themed nursery is lively with bright lights, garland, and bold colors, but is also nicely balanced by the gray and white walls. Photo by: Howjoyful via: The little Umbrella Another idea to decorate a blank wall of your nursery is to display alphabet prints, which will be both educational and decorative. Photo by: Jessica McCravy studios via: The little Umbrella If girly-girl isnt your style, stick to a gender-neutral design of simple whites and animal decorations. Photo by: Jenna Alexander via: The little Umbrella Brightly colored wall decals are a great way to add interest to empty wall space in your girls nursery. Photo by: Volatile Photo via: The little Umbrella When going bold with colors in your baby girls nursery, keep the room from being too loud by sticking to solids. Photo by: Jessica Claire via: The little Umbrella paint a piece of furniture to add color to the room. This nursery subtly uses the matching dress and rocking horse seat to coordinate.

little girl wallpaper

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"Branch" out into three-dimensional space with hanging décor like this tree branch mobile. Photo by: Caroline lima via: The little Umbrella find ideas and nursery decorations at the flea market, such as an antique mirror or piece of furniture to be renewed with a fresh coat of paint. Photo by: Kate Elizabeth Photography via: The little Umbrella a framed chalkboard is a great idea because you have the option to erase and start over to keep your baby décor fresh. Newsom Photography via: The little Umbrella decorating your baby girls room doesnt have to be hard. Consider elegant mirrors and a stylish crib. Photo by: Jessica Smith via: The little Umbrella The design of this navy and white nursery is just slightly girly with the heart decals sprinkled on the wall. Photo by: Braadyn Ashley photo via: The little Umbrella Enlisting the talent of a seamstress means your baby girl will have one-of-a-kind bedding. Use leftover fabric scraps to create brief a matching wall decoration. Photo by: sdk photo design via: Meg Designs a unique storage idea for diapers and easily accessible necessities is to install baskets directly resume onto the wall above your changing table.

Photo by: l photographie via: The little Umbrella This great nursery idea is to line the wall with origami pinwheels to add color and texture to the wall. Photo by: Dana laymon via: The little Umbrella a theme doesnt have to go all out. This nursery expresses small hints of its French theme with photos of macarons and the eiffel tower. Photo by: Adele cabanillas via: The little Umbrella Aspects of symmetry help to balance mismatched decorations, like the small round mirrors in this girl nursery. Photo by: Ampersand Studios via: The little Umbrella In an antique pink baby girl room, include a crystal chandelier to be the cherry on top of the nursery design. Photo by: Jess Craven via: The little Umbrella a unique piece such as this brass giraffe stands out and adds an interesting focal point to a monochromatic room design. Photo by: Cristy Cross via: The little Umbrella decorating isn't limited to the walls and floors.

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little girl wallpaper

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This nursery proves you can randomly place polka dots to fill the white space. Photo by: jayme Anne Photography via: 100 divergent layer cakelet a vibrant rug is a great way to add the color your baby girls room has been lacking. Photo by: courtney apple via: 100 layer cakelet Instead of a traditional baby mobile, add color and texture to the ceiling with pompoms of various sizes. Photo by: Design for Mankind via: 100 layer cakelet Showcased in this nursery is a nice contrast between neutral short walls with a brightly colored rug and patterned ottoman. Photo by: Delbarr Moradi via: 100 layer cakelet take origami to the next level. This nursery fills empty wall space with an assembly of oversized paper flowers. Photo by: Jennifer Holmes of dear Lillie via: Blog A small bookshelf is a nice way to gather various decorative items together while filling empty wall space.

Photo by: Jennifer Holmes of dear Lillie via: Blog Interest is added to this calm, gray nursery by including patterns and small bursts of pink. Photo by: 12th white via: Blog your baby girls nursery doesnt have to be saturated in pink to be fit for a princess. Hang a crystal chandelier and soft canopy. Photo by: Veronika's Blushing via: Blog This nursery shows you how to combine multiple different styles so long as they fit with color palette. Photo by: Home by heidi via: Blog With a little bit of paint, you can create a beautiful baby girl room theme by matching your frames and furniture. Photo by: Turned to design via: Blog Use an open frame that matches with your nursery design to outline decorative wall pieces. Photo by: Style your Senses via: Blog you can incorporate all kinds of patterns once youve landed on a color scheme, as seen in this pink and gold nursery.

Photo by: Morgan Pansing via: 100 layer cakelet With an animal theme, you can recreate your favorite zoo or place small animal decorations around the room like in this example. Photo by: a new Bloom via: 100 layer cakelet Fill empty space and bring some natural color to the room with a fresh, potted plant. Photo by: Hello pinecone via: 100 layer cakelet Get crafty with a handmade mobile hanging above your baby girls crib. It gives her something to look at while adding a pop of color. Photo by: Ashleigh taylor via: 100 layer cakelet Dont be afraid to play with colors and bring mismatching patterns together into one decoration. Photo by: Nicki sebastian via: 100 layer cakelet Instead of framed art, hang a unique blanket on the wall as a soft, baby-friendly nursery decoration.

Photo by: kayla Adams via: 100 layer cakelet Decorating doesnt have to be complex. Mix and match patterns of the same color scheme to add a little texture. Photo by: Julie cahill via: 100 layer cakelet make sure the other furniture you include in your girls room is baby-friendly for when she begins to crawl. Photo by: Linnea paulina via: 100 layer cakelet you can decorate your nursery furniture by picking out colored knobs and using a few different colors of paint as seen with this dresser. Photo by: Haley sheffield via: 100 layer cakelet Original ideas like this feather baby mobile give your baby girl something special to look at that she wont see anywhere else. Photo by: What Dreams may become via: 100 layer cakelet Create a baby nursery theme of bright, primary colors for a playful, gender-neutral atmosphere. Photo by: Amanda young via: 100 layer cakelet A classy bookshelf is a great way to fill wall space and provides a place to store and display baby books and small toys. Photo by: Mandy busby via: 100 layer cakelet your wall design doesnt have to be perfectly aligned.

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Photo by: Natalee cocks via: 100 layer cakelet This nursery balances vibrantly colored accessories with a neutral white wall and crib. Photo by: Luna Photo via: 100 layer cakelet Provide a cozy and warm welcome for your new bundle of joy by decorating her crib with a few special stuffed animals and pillows. Photo by: Cori Kleckner Photography via: 100 layer cakelet This southwestern themed nursery uses cacti and tribal prints to show off its style. Photo by: Allison Corrin via: 100 layer cakelet Recreate your favorite childhood resumes toy to decorate your daughters nursery like the kite idea in this baby girl room. Photo by: Brooke borough via: 100 layer cakelet The collection of prints on the wall in this nursery all come together with matching white frames. Photo by: Caroline Tran via: 100 layer cakelet Time to pull your old childhood rocking horse out of storage and use them to decorate your baby girls room. Photo by: lauren Ann Photography via: 100 layer cakelet Decorating ideas can be placed throughout the baby nursery, including the crib. Check out this adorable floral pennant. Photo by: Jara hill via: 100 layer cakelet Use primary colors, old childrens books and antique toys for a nostalgic nursery theme.

little girl wallpaper

Looking for a unique theme for your baby's nursery? Go for a room filled with mermaid inspired decor like this nursery. Photo by: Nashville wifestyles save space by using a dresser as a changing table and decorating with a gallery wall above. Photo by: Strawberry Swing and Other Things handwriting Add a wow factor to your baby girls room and blow all baby mobiles out of the water with a breathtaking chandelier. Photo by: joe schmelzer via: The Animal Print Shop For a cohesive baby room design, match throw pillows, blankets, and rugs to the secondary colors of your wallpaper. Photo by: joe schmelzer via: The Animal Print Shop When decorating with whites, something as simple as this pennant banner will add a little festivity. Photo by: Jenny Sherouse via: The Animal Print Shop This geometric accent wall includes a few accent-colored triangles within the pattern for an interesting, asymmetrical design. Photo by: Brandon Kidd Photography via: The Animal Print Shop The unique wall display in this nursery features wood-themed toys and a bar on which to hang color-coordinated baby clothes. Photo by: Sleepy fox Photography via: 100 layer cakelet Add little girly hints without going overboard, such as pops of pink, hearts, and flowers.

calming environment to relax. Photo by: West End Girl. Want your little one to live an adventurous life? Use non-traditional furniture like a tipi for some fun. Photo by: Itsy bitsy Indulgences, make your baby girl feel special by covering her walls with the most beautiful flowers. Photo by: Runladylike, add a splash of glamour by painting an accent wall in a color that makes a statement. Photo by: Mostly a mother, for a classic nursery design that your baby girl will love, pair white with the traditional pink. Photo by: Sunflower Magnolia.

Instructions: Click through the buttons below to sort by size and theme. Click the photo for a larger view. Create a nursery that is peaceful. You can accomplish this by using white as the base color and pink as an accent color. Photo by: This lovely life, add a touch of glam to your nursery room decor by adding a diy clothing rod that is also great for organization. Via: Shay mone, use dark gray as a base color to complement pink and any other pastels you have your eye. Photo by: Lady laura kate, writers add a touch of femininity to your sweet baby's nursery with floral drapes that complement the room.

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Home ideas baby room Ideas baby girl room, welcoming a study baby girl into the world is an exciting time and the beginning of a new chapter in life. Being the first space she gets to claim as her own, her nursery is a room that should be styled and personalized to provide a warm, welcome home. There are countless possibilities when it comes to decorating a baby girls nursery. With themes ranging from girly girl to gender-neutral and colors varying from muted earth tones to vibrant and bold, the options are endless. Youll quickly see that theres much more to decorating a baby girls nursery than soft pinks and yellows! To help provide you with a starting point, weve compiled an assortment of baby girl nursery ideas and photos to get your creative juices flowing and inspire your inner nesting urges. Browse the nursery themes, colors and decorating ideas and see what ideas youll find to incorporate into your new daughters room. If youre looking for other ways to express your girls personality, browse our custom home decor items like wall art, pillows and more. If youre not sure if youre having a boy or girl, check out our 100 baby boy room ideas for other fun inspiration.

little girl wallpaper
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