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resume de therese raquin

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John McClane: That's Gary cooper, asshole. Hans Gruber: i am going to count to three. There will not be a four. Hans Gruber: I wanted this to be professional, efficient, adult, cooperative. Not a lot to ask. Takagi did not see it that way.

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Hans review Gruber: Put down the gun. John McClane: you're pretty tricky with that accent. You oughtta be on fuckin' tv with that accent. Hans Gruber: I'm going to count to three. John McClane: yeah, like you did with takagi? (Hans pulls trigger and the gun is empty) Oops. No bullets, you think i'm fuckin' stupid, hans? Hans pulls trigger and the gun is empty oops. Hans Gruber: you americans are all alike. Well, this time john wayne does not walk off into the sunset with Grace kelly.

Harry: while waiting for Rufus to finally finish wrapping his gift Almost finished? What else can there be? Are you going to dip it in yogurt? Cover it with chocolate buttons? Hans desk Gruber: (Points gun at John) Put down the gun and give me my detonators. Hans Gruber: points gun at John Put down the gun and give me my detonators. John McClane: Well, well, well.

resume de therese raquin

Therese, raquin (1984) - emile zola

Hans looks at John's bare feet Better than getting caught with your pants down. Laughs I'm John McClane. John McClane: you know how to use a handgun, bill? Hans Gruber: I spent a weekend at a combat ranch. You know that game with the guns that shoot red paint? Probably seems kind of stupid to you. (Hands him the gun) Time for the real thing, bill. All you gotta do is pull the trigger. Hands him the gun Time for the real thing, bill.

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resume de therese raquin

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A monkey in the bandhan wretch. A pain in the ass. Severus Snape: you're just like you're father: lazy, arrogant. Severus Snape: Clearly potter, fame isn't everything is it? Hans Gruber: (Impersonating a hostage) you don't work for nakatomi, and if you're not one of them? Hans Gruber: impersonating a hostage you don't work for nakatomi, and if you're not one of them?

John McClane: I'm a cop from New York. Hans Gruber: New York? John McClane: Got invited to the Christmas party by mistake. (Hans looks at John's bare feet) Better than getting caught with your pants down. (Laughs) I'm John McClane.

Karl: he wasn't lying about Marco. He's down on the street. The other one was heinrich. And his bag is missing. Hans Gruber: he had the detonators. Professor severus Snape: With you my lord.

Hans Gruber: Now I have a machine gun. Hans Gruber: (On the radio) you are most troublesome for a security guard. Hans Gruber: on the radio you are most troublesome for a security guard. John McClane: (Imitates buzzer) Sorry, hans. Would you like to go for double jeopardy where the scores can really change? John McClane: imitates buzzer Sorry, hans. Hans Gruber: Who are you, then? John McClane: Just a fly in the ointment, hans.

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Elliott Marston: Very good, o'flynn. O'flynn: do you think i could ever be as good as you,. Elliott Marston: What - you mean if you practiced a lot? Elliott Marston: no man knocks me points out of my own house! Dolores Umbridge: Professor Snape, you first bill applied for the position of Defense Against the dark Arts, did you not? Dolores Umbridge: And you were unsuccesful? Dolores Umbridge: And you were unsuccessful?

resume de therese raquin

Frank benson: never tell a integration soldier that he does not know the cost of war. Professor severus Snape: Always. Harry potter: we've been at this for hours! If only i could rest. Severus Snape: The dark lord isn't resting. Antoine richis: Paris is not smarter than. Antoine richis: It's not about faith! There's a murderer out there!

Rickman as a man of impressive versatility, both in front of and behind the camera. Though Rickman's voice would be featured on the animated television series King of the hill in 2003, he wasn't truly absorbed into mainstream pop-culture among the kid circuit until after starring in the movie adaptations of author. Rowling's Harry potter series. Rickman played the sinister Professor Snape in the films, one of the few post-pubescent constants in the 2005, just months before the fourth installment in the potter series, rickman showed up in the first big-screen adaptation of another literary series with a rabid fan base. He went on to appear in Perfume: The Story of a murderer, and in 2007 he played Judge turpin in Tim Burton's adaptation of Sweeney todd. E reteamed with the director for Alice in Wonderland in 2010, and the next year saw the final installment. Photos, highest Rated movies, filmography, movies,. quot;s from Alan Rickman's Characters,. Frank benson: Don't ever tell a soldier that he doesn't know the cost of war.

He founded a soho-based design company, but after deciding that his heart was in acting, he abandoned the company when he was 26 to study at the royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He spent three years there, serving as a dresser to such actors as Ralph Richardson and Nigel Hawthorne. After leaving rada, rickman began to make his name on the stage, first appearing in repertory and then landing lead roles in London productions. He gained particular acclaim for his portrayal of Valmont in a west End production of Les liaisons Dangereuses, eventually reprising his role for the Broadway production and winning a tony 1988, rickman got his first dose of big-screen recognition with die hard. After the film's huge success, and praise for his delightfully nasty portrayal of the film's villain, he went on to make a couple of poorly received features, including 1989's The january man and 1990s quigley down Under. Success greeted him again in 1991: playing kevin Costner's nemesis, the vile and loathsome Sheriff of Nottingham, in Robin hood: Prince of Thieves, rickman proved to audiences why being bad could be so much fun. The same year, he endeared himself as a markedly more sympathetic character in Truly, madly, deeply. As a deceased cellist who reappears to comfort his lover (Juliet Stevenson rickman proved himself adept at romantic comedy, and began to accrue a reputation as a thinking woman's sex symbol (something he vocally resented).The actor spent the remainder of the decade turning in solid.

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Highest Rated: 100, unforgivable Blackness: The rise and Fall of Jack johnson (2004). Lowest Rated: 8, cbgb (2013 birthday: Feb 21, 1946, birthplace: Hammersmith, london, England,. Although he made his name playing ruthless, genteel villains like die hard's Hans Gruber and Robin hood: Prince of Thieves' Sheriff of Nottingham, Alan Rickman proved himself equally remarkable in romantic, comic, and good-guy dramatic roles. An actor of brooding charisma who intones his lines in a deep, milky baritone, rickman began his career on-stage, building up a sizable résumé before embarking on a film career. Of Irish and Welsh parentage, rickman was born in London's Hammersmith district on February for 21, 1946. His father, who was a painter and decorator, died of cancer when the actor was eight, leaving behind Rickman, his mother, and three siblings. After winning a scholarship to west London's Latymer Upper School, rickman began acting at the encouragement of his teachers. He also developed an interest in art, and he went on to study graphic design at the royal College of Art.

resume de therese raquin
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