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Presenting the truth in an attractive way is part of the art of resume writing. Organize your resume to make your most impressive skills and experiences stand out. Decide where to place everything with the idea of your resume as an advertisement in mind. Information on the top of the page is considered more important. English-speakers obviously read from left to right, so information on the left side is seen first. Bold text jumps out while italicized text recedes back. The viewers eye will go to words surrounded by white space faster than words buried in a block of text. Keep design elements, structure, and the overall effect on the viewer in mind.

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Stone paper, for example, has a surprisingly smooth texture that could make the average hiring manager want to hold on write to it longer. It is tear resistant, water proof, and heavier than normal paper. Unfortunately, laser printers dont work well on stone paper, so youll have to either use an inkjet printer, or risk the smeared look that could come from a mistake on a solid ink printer. Pure cotton paper also has an enticing texture. It is stronger and more durable than regular paper. Cotton paper is also easy to print. You can expect a resume printed on 100 cotton paper, such as that produced by the. Crane paper company, to outlive you with little or no deterioration! Cranes watermarked rag paper is considered a must for senior-level resumes. Present the information on your resume strategically.

If possible, use a laser printer to prevent runny ink from smearing your well-crafted words. Dont settle for anything less than a typeset look—your competition wont. Select white, off-white, or ivory paper. The background these words are on is an example of an appropriate color. The paper should.5 inches by 11 inches in size. Never use smudged paper and never staple your resume. Buy the highest quality paper you can afford. There really is a difference between standard printer paper and more expensive papers.

resume talk

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The font size should be 11 or 12 point, although 10 point may be ok for a chunky font like verdana. Leave a fairly broad border on your resume so the text doesnt look crammed. Consistency summary and parallelism are attractive, so adapt them to the art of resume writing. For example, if you italicize the years during which you worked for one company, do this for all the years you worked for each company on your resume. The same goes for capitalization, bullet points, underlining, and bold text. Print hard copies of your resume in style. Resume writing doesnt end when you finish writing your resume! Go the extra mile to make hard copies of your resume look professional.

Each section of text should have less than 7 lines. If you need more than this, start a new section or paragraph. None of the sections of the resume writing article youre reading now contain more than 7 lines. The reader will be more impressed by short, powerful phrases than fluffy sentences and big words. Crop out repetition and unneeded information. Each phrase should be direct and concise. Commas can help you break up longer phrases into bite-sized chunks. Remove pronouns, such as i your resume is obviously about you. Resume writing is best suited to a conservative font, like times New Roman.

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resume talk

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Pick the most energetic and impressive verbs you can think of to correctly describe each of your skills and accomplishments. To get a feel for how action verbs help your resume, contrast them with state-of-being verbs: is, am, were, was, being, been, are, and. These verbs dont have the same zest because they dont show what you actually did. Use these state-of-being verbs only when you need to, and dont start phrases with them. Even powerful verbs can get boring if seen too often, however, so try not to repeat one in the same block of text or paragraph. Starting more than three phrases with action verbs can also get boring, so mix up your sentence structure when needed.

Use the correct huxley verb tense for each job or accomplishment. If youre talking about a position you held in the past or an accomplishment you already achieved, use past tense. If youre talking about a job you currently hold or an achievement youre working toward, use present tense. When writing about a skill youve used before and will keep using, use present tense. If it sounds awkward, use the past continuous tense, such as have sold more than 27 paintings or something similar. Make your resume easy to read. Your resume should have a simple structure with lots of white space.

Like other forms of art, resume writing is subjective. However, you can make your resume as pleasing as possible to the average hiring manager by following some commonly accepted guidelines. This article will give you 7 resume writing hints to make your resume more attractive. Begin your resume with a clear focus. You want the hiring manager to quickly understand your profession and capabilities. One way to do this is to center the name of your profession under your name and street address, then follow up with a skills summary.

You could also write an executive summary that begins by stating your profession, then describes your skills. If you dont have a profession to put on your resume, writing about your skills with a focus on the position you want still helps. Including a generic objective is a common resume mistake. There is no reason to put a one-size-fits-all objective on your resume! Start phrases with action verbs. Using action verbs like these fires up your writing and makes your resume more exciting.

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Highlighting all of these transferable skills sold her for a shift into teaching. —- its commonplace and generic to say, id be a great instructor, i love teaching. —- its much more convincing to talk about how my client actually taught hundreds of employees in their first jobs in a retail environment how to merchandise in clothing stores; it also shows she leadership skills to highlight her coaching mentoring of store management. see how important it can be to showcase your transferable skills? It healthy can be tricky figuring out how to focus a new version of your resume on transferable skills when you want to shift job titles or industries. Let me help — contact me! Resume writing is an art.

resume talk

Remember to mention the other transferable skills that may be relevant to your new job and employer: Customer service skills, leadership, organizational skills, initiative on the job, creating more efficient systems and processes, relationship building, and sales and negotiating skills are among the traits and. Make sure you also have example stories of when you demonstrated your transferable skills and qualities to prove your experiences. . Just because you say you can doesnt mean much showing how and when you did in the past is much more persuasive and impressive. One more example: Another client of mine wanted to take her 20 years of merchandising and management in a retail environment and apply to be an instructor in a fashion related trade school. In addition to all the skills and real world experience she could share with students, songs we also made sure to pull out aspects of her job that previously werent really on her resume all the staff training she did opening 200 new stores. During those store openings, shed taught everything from merchandising the clothes accessories to the register software and customer service and supervisory training to each stores management team. It was important for her new career goal, teaching, to include all her related experience in a clear way on her transition resume so the trade school hiring folks could see she was also an experienced teacher in addition to her career in retail.

and conferences (aka like she did for her local offices with corporate.). Share these examples during the interview, or in brief in a cover letter teaser story. . If you have experienced a restructuring of your department, or been in a company bought out by another, including a story of how you successfully adapted to those changes is usually quite valuable to a new employer in this ever changing, shifting new working world. Employers want employees that are flexible and willing to change and grow with their organization, especially since human nature is to resist change and fight for stability. Computer experience is necessary in almost every field nowadays, so demonstrating any and all computer software programs you know and to what level of proficiency is important to most employers. During your job search if you have the opportunity to take a class to increase your computer skills, or practice your skills using tutorials at temporary agencies, a local community college, or local career center, by all means,. . Investing in relevant education is always a good value. . Showing you have learned a new program recently also communicates your willingness and ability to learn new skills also transferable (and desireable) traits in most workplaces!

Regardless of your field, there are several key skills that almost any job requires or values. . They are skills that translate from points one type of job into another, regardless of the industry or type of environment. Especially when you want to shift from one job title, department, or field to another, knowing how to market yourself for a new position by focusing on your transferable skills is vital! Here are a few examples of what are often called transferable skills that are valuable to most any employer: Written and verbal communication, computer skills general familiarity with the internet, a windows environment, and well known software such as the microsoft Office products. Problem solving ability, ability to change and adapt to change. Ability to learn new skills, customer Service experience, management/Supervisory experience. Although you do want to make sure you also communicate specific technical skills and concrete accomplishments on your resume, being able to demonstrate your ability to, for example: — talk through a conflict constructively with a client, — learn new software required to do your. Its often easier (and always more convincing) to explain your knack for problem solving, for example, with stories from past experiences that prove how you creatively found and implemented solutions to challenges. Heres an example: An administrative client of mine had organized the merger of several local real estate offices with a corporate brand that bought them out.

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Last month, the cfp board of Standards released updated guidelines for the work experience short requirement for the cfp certification - essentially creating a fast track to certification by reducing the experience requirement from 3 years to 2 years if certain circumstances are met. Click here for more information. List of the month: Creating "Notice me!" Lines for your Resume. A few rephrased sentences could be the different between the trash bin and a job offer. Use numerals instead of spelling numbers out,. "900K" instead of "nine hundred thousand.". Ditch the phrase "responsible for." It sounds redundant. Don't talk yourself up by putting your predecessors down.

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Note also that how they see your resume dont talk to you first. concept of resume became so important for professional business life.

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  4. personality in 2004 and the 1 local radio talk show host in 1999, according to the san Antonio express-News reader's Choice poll. Regardless of your field, there are several key skills that almost any job requires or values. Here's 7 common transferable skills and. If you cant do any of that, Ill do my best to get enough information from your resumé to determine that we should talk.

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