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Spoiler: At the very beginning of the movie the two protagonist pot-growing-buddies receive a video message warning from the south American cartel headed by selma hayek's character. The video is so shocking, so disturbingly violent, that how the main characters react to it is completely non-believable. Attached to the video is a place and time the cartel wants to meet the expert growing duo the next day to force them into a contract with the cartel.-any normal person receiving this video warning would disappear/pack up and flea immediately. But no, instead the guys chill out, smoke pot, and have sex until the next day as if their lives aren't in mortal is is just one of the major weaknesses in the plot. Emile hirsch is completely underused as a bicycling expert computer hacker who is capable of hacking into the credit card companies and international bank accounts of the cartel; he would have been better cast as one of the two main male characters. John Travolta phones in a lackluster performance as a crooked dea agent who just happens to have a wife dying from cancer.

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Report this, copied to clipboardCopy link, truly awful. Oliver Stone what happened to you? Movie aficionado warning: Spoilers, i went to see 'savages' today with a friend. The movie was truly a pathetic waste of celluloid and talent. The script seems to have been written with a crayon. Benicio del Toro and Selma hayek are capable of much better than this dreck. Blake lively was horribly weak and miscast as a poor little rich girl who is in love with two professional pot growers in California. The two guys live and share her with each english other, all like a big happy family. The only thing even online remotely reminiscent of Oliver Stone's finer works is the realistic graphic violence (Platoon, natural Born Killers). Unfortunately the violence is ham- handed and boring.

Going in I wasn't expecting it to be an essay Oscar winner, if you were expecting this movie to be about a mexican cartel and not have violence in it then you know zero about Mexican cartels and that is an understatement. Funny thing was i was expecting this movie not to portray mexican cartels in their real light, but after watching the movie, yup they are as ruthless as the movie portrays and glad Hollywood portrayed them like that instead of sugar coating the threat they. If you are looking for a violent action movie based on an American drug ring vs a mexican cartel well you probably have one of the better movies when it comes to that. If you are looking for gone with the wind, sound of the music or something like that best look else where. Me, i highly enjoyed the movie, it delivered better than i thought it was going to deliver. People will complain about the violence but again this is about a mexican cartel, not the boy scouts. There is nothing i hate more than a movie that isn't true to it's roots, but this movie stays true to what Mexican cartels are all about when it comes to business. 18 out of 21 found this helpful.

savages book review

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Yeah, that was her fault. Even that isn't the worst. The narration that infests this whole movie, but especially the early scenes, is some resume of the worst writing i've ever heard. 'i had orgasms, he had wargasms' is a phrase that will live with me until I die. And now, even if you haven't seen the movie, it'll haunt your nightmares, too. 276 out of 388 found this helpful. Report this, copied to clipboardCopy link, good Action movie nemisis_0 28 December 2013. Reading the reviews i'm not sure why people were expecting this movie to be like an Oscar winner or something?

The furniture was more interesting than he was, and had more emotional range. Even he's better than Johnson, a black hole of tedium from which nothing interesting can escape. These are two of the blandest leads i've ever seen, and i've seen movies that starred rappers. But dear God in heaven, they are much, much better than Blake lively. I haven't seen much else of her acting, so i can only think she can do much better than this. But here she's playing a 30-year-old ingénue, a woman-child who knows Shakespeare but doesn't know what 'savages' means. She's meant to be sexy and alluring, but she comes across as so boundlessly stupid that no man could seriously find her attractive. I don't think that's her fault, but the no-nudity clause that made the sex scenes in this movie so absurd?

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savages book review

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Overall, i just don't think this was a very good film. I don't think that Stone felt entirely comfortable with what he was doing here, trying at times to be tarantino but failing miserably. And likewise, i think that if this film had been in the hands of Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez, it likely would have come out much better, perhaps even great. 310 out of 393 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Report this, copied to clipboardCopy link, please, just make the voice-over stop mattbaxter72 25 September 2012. There are many bad things about this movie, but let's list the good things first.

The plot makes sense, kind. It's nicely shot, and the beach looked pretty. I guess John Travolta looked as though he was having fun? Which is more than I could say for the poor buggers who had to sit through this mess. Your two leads, ladies and gentlemen, are aaron Johnson, last seen being upstaged by a preteen girl, and taylor Kitsch, who hollywood keeps casting as the lead in blockbusters which then tank spectacularly at the box office. You know essay why that is, hollywood? It's because taylor Kitsch has no charisma.

If you're going to build a dramatic story around an unorthodox three- way relationship, you had better explain in more than one quick scene exactly how this relationship happened, otherwise the audience won't know why they should care about the characters. Especially when the actors portraying these characters aren't very good to begin with. I know that i kept asking myself why these two guys share a girl, how they have absolutely zero jealousy, why they never once thought of double-crossing each other, and why either of them care so deeply for her - to the point of being. Where did all this love and loyalty come from? It was never adequately explained, and the entire movie suffers tremendously for. On a slightly more positive note, the veteran actors did a fine job.

Benicio del Toro was wonderful as a psychotic cartel underboss, john Travolta chewed the scenery to bits, and Salma hayek was entirely believable in her role as well. Unfortunately, their competence only served to underscore the incompetence of the younger leads. It's telling that the best scene in the entire film was between Del Toro and Travolta, with none of the three lead actors anywhere to be found, and hinted at the promise this movie squandered. A lot of reviews took issue with the violence portrayed in the film, but I didn't have a problem with that. You really can't make a movie about Mexican drug cartels without violence, so i didn't feel it was gratuitous. Unfortunately, however, it also didn't make the movie any more believable from a plot perspective.

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Good eye candy, poor acting. He just has no soul, loyalty and brings absolutely nothing to his character whatsoever. He should be in a brainless Fast furious movie playing opposite vin diesel, not an Oliver Stone drama. The second major failure of this film is even more serious, and that is the story structure. We are never really given the opportunity to understand why the three lead characters (Chon, ben and Ophelia) have such strong feelings for each other. We're told that they do, but never given any real reason to believe. This is extremely important, because literally the entire premise of the film hangs on their relationship.

savages book review

First off, two of the three lead characters are awful. Blake lively makes for good eye candy, but she just isn't a good actress. She's not bad in smaller supporting roles (like her part in The town but she simply cannot carry a lead. Unfortunately the entire film basically revolves around her (and she narrates so her shortcomings are brought front and center. Every time her voice-over came on, i cringed. It really was not a good choice. Taylor Kitsch is no better.

anti-stalking law in 1990, which ultimately passed. Sometimes it takes a shocking and dramatic story to make us more aware of the dangers that lurk in the world, and with Valentine, tom savage has definitely written something that opened my eyes. A valentines day love story? Not so much, but engrossing and educational, nonetheless. And, it appears Im not the only one who thought so — with 82 reviews on Amazon, the book has earned.5 stars. Should have been a lot better. Tpaladino, this was not a great movie. It could have been a great movie, but it was let down in two major ways.

If her stalker has anything to say about it, shes correct. The book is an easy read — meaning that its moves quickly and it doesnt take a lot of concentration to follow, though the subject matter is sometimes a little bit difficult to deal with. Despite some of the disturbing details, savages book is engrossing compelling. Is it one Ill remember several years from now? Eh, maybe not, but it provided me with some entertainment for a few days. As a mother of little girls, the idea that this kind of stalking situation, though obviously dramatized, could be a reality is absolutely terrifying. In his authors note at the end of the book, savage makes a plea for stronger laws against these types of crimes. He writes: I have seen the statistics, and they are unacceptable: stalking is perhaps one of the most prevalent—and potentially avoidable—major crimes in the world today. With newer, stronger laws than those we presently have, we may be able to do something loyalty about.

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Sure, the book is bill called Valentine. Tom savages 1997 thriller is, in fact, the complete opposite of a love story. Its filled with stalking, murder, mystery, and a twist that somehow manages to be both totally surprising and completely obvious, all at the same time. Valentine weaves together a current-day stalker story with a backstory so rich that its impossible not to be sucked into this story. As the book begins, best selling suspense author Jillian Talbot is working on her upcoming novel, but when she realizes that shes begun to live her fictional stalker story, she backs off from writing all together and instead does throws all of her energy into. You see, during her college days, jill and three other girls were involved in a mean-spirited practical joke. Now the other three girls are all dead or missing, and each disappeared or died around Valentines day. As the holiday approaches, jill is certain shes next.

savages book review
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