Ux manager resume

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ux manager resume

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When a team wins the superbowl, you always see a mvp player or the qb afterwards thanking the team and the coach. Don't be the person who let's everyone know that if it wasn't for you they would have lost. That's arrogance and not confidence. if you don't have any shadows. " is not a "life philosophy" but a". It's not even a good one.

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I find it ironic that the known icon blended entry into the background is an email icon and Yahoo is now involved in the largest security breach of users email accounts in history. It's a nice touch because it reminds me of web design and the cognitive persuasion is that, since she has this icon on her resume, she must be an expert. I assume she also builds her own computers being she went to school for CompSci and has iconography representing circuit boards? Having a "President ceo" title i guess means you did these things? How did she do these things? How did she generate 1b in revenue? Was she on the phone calling companies and users? No, she managed a team of people who did this and this is what it should say. She didn't triple the company's mobile base, the fact that since 2012 everything has gone mobile had some to a large part to do with that. Not much in this section except for the "Led the." statement leaves me thinking she knows anything except when to jump ship. A team leader shouldn't need to make the team's accomplishments their own but should be proud of strategically managing a team that accomplished that.

I'm going to attempt to point out a few observations and for those are all my opinion and so if i offend you in any way, i appologize in advance. It is my attempt at pulling away some lessons related to a user's Experience as an audience of this document. It also made me curious as to how someone who started out as a developer could land such a role. My answer now after dissecting this resume is luck and using google's accomplishments and touting them as yours. First off, it is very clever that she used the "Yahoo purple" as a font color on her resume. It shows me that she knows more about branding and marketing than i expected. It was a subliminal touch affecting my perception (in a bad way personally due to my feelings towards Yahoo but I'm sure some people still have some faith in that brand) and my subconscious thoughts towards this resume. Cognitive bias often comes from a subconscious place and persuades us in our experience. I appreciate her use of iconography in a very subtle way as background imagery.

ux manager resume

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of Washington gpa:.8/4.0 while working full time at fmc technologies Bachelor's Education Arizona State University deans list 1995-97 Amazon Customer Service "Roots" leadership training (2013) cooper Visual Interface design workshop (2008) cooper Interaction Design workshop (2010) boeing leadership Forum, a nomination-based training program for. Mentor, women in ux (xx ux). 2017 boeing focal for georgia tech to recruit top talent with from that school. 2012-13 boeing focal for University of Washington Department of Human-Centered Design engineering to recruit top talent from that department. 2010-13 Mentor for Carnegie mellon Human-Computer Interaction graduate student capstone. 2013 reviewer for Technical Communication reviewer for Usability Professionals Association (UPA). 2011 Letters of recommendation can be found here. Download a copy of my resume in pdf format. I have now seen this resume posted so many times as an example of what a great resume should look like.

Of Washington 2013 Led 50 undergraduates through user experience theory, research, and design projects while working full-time at boeing. Ux designer The boeing Company led a 25 person team in a user-centered redesign of boeings employee and supplier portals, using contextual inquiry, interviewing, A/B usability testing, low- and high-fidelity prototyping Led 7 researchers in a contextual inquiry of the 787 production line to identify. Mentored 3 boeing employees in user-centered design Awarded 7 boeing Achievement awards, 7 boeing Accomplishment awards, 5 boeing Appreciation awards  for performance; awarded 1 cash award for leadership on a 25 person, year-long design project Human Factors Specialist  The boeing Company conducted user research, usability. Helped envision, research, design, launch, and manage an international aftermarket e-commerce site ( read a 2002 article about the site ). Site localized for the usa, germany, sweden, Spain, Brazil, japan, canada, and the. Oversaw a comprehensive redesign of the corporation's Web presence ( m ; site design-and corporate name-has changed since my departure). Conducted usability studies on company intranet sites, internet sites, and software applications Generated low- high-fidelity prototypes of websites, web services, applications and control panels Managed company website and oversaw a comprehensive site redesign Letter of Recommendation for my work at fmc technologies. human-Centered Design engineering. Of Washington Master's human-Centered Design engineering . .

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ux manager resume

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Expanded ux research program to Asia and Europe. Mentor to 1 ux manager, 1 ux researcher and 1 research intern. Ux researcher m, conducted user experience research to improve customers' experience with key features of the m site and set product direction. Created low fidelity interaction design concepts and conducted user research for good internal tools. Spearheaded the use of rite and guerrilla research methods co-created the customer Service user research program. Mentor to 1 ux designer and 1 ux intern. Ux associate technical Fellow, the boeing Company.

Set enterprise software design direction and led user experience teams. Associate technical Fellow, a designation awarded to the top 2 of boeing employees. Provided ux leadership on various design projects: Led a 3 person team in creating a vision for boeing's airplane manufacturing software; Led 4 user researchers in a mixed-methods usability evaluation of software used to design aircraft; led a 10 person team in the creation of boeings. Mentored 3 user experience professionals and a carnegie mellon Human-Computer Interaction graduate student capstone team Received boeing's top annual performance rating exemplary for 2 years. Fewer than 10 of employees receive this rating Awarded 1 us patent, 4 boeing Achievement awards, 4 boeing Accomplishment awards, and 3 boeing Appreciation awards for outstanding performance Instructor: Human-Centered Design and Engineering.

Ux design research, manager, qualtrics 2016-Present. Responsible for the design of the. Customer Experience product line and the ux of qualtrics' mobile apps. Lead team of ux researchers and product designers. Responsible for qualtrics' user research program; designed and oversaw qualtrics'. Responsible for personnel management, talent acquisition, and resource planning.

Advisory board, human-Centered Design, u of Washington 2016-Present. UX  Design research Manager, alaska airlines, head of user experience responsible for the design of Alaska's.5b e-commerce site m ; oversaw a comprehensive site redesign. Interim manager for Alaska's self-service team, in charge of ios and Android apps, and airport kiosks. Built and managed Alaska airline's team of 12 ux and vx designers/researchers. Responsible for the visual design of major sale creative; launched a coordinated, cross-channel rebranding of Alaska's digital experiences. Proposed, monitored, and responded to A/B test results; oversaw site usability testing (more than 500 customers in 1 year). Responsible for UX/VX personnel management, talent acquisition, and resource planning. Ux design research Manager  m 2014, responsible for the design of Amazon's "Your Orders "Your Account "Help "Contact Us" across all devices and in all countries; also responsible for the design of Amazon's internal Customer Relationship Management tools. Manage an international team of 12 ux designers and researchers (9 direct, 3 indirect).

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Jp morgan chase (formerly washington mutual) Business Systems Analyst Manager February 20 I managed a team of desk systems analysts as part of the intranet platform team, consisting of project managers, developers and visual designers building custom enterprise applications used by 60,000 employees. In addition to leading team projects and facilitating design sessions with stakeholders, my responsibilities included managing project scopes and timelines, determining team capacity, mentoring other team members and defining a more user-centric approach to system design by incorporating more ux activities such contextual inquiry, persona. Jp morgan chase (formerly washington mutual) Senior Business Systems Analyst August 20a senior Business Systems Analyst with Washington Mutuals Intranet team, i managed requirements and systems design for various web-based solutions delivered on the corporate intranet platform for different internal business units. I collaborated with business stakeholders, technology development teams and user experiences teams to build user-friendly applications. Capgemini (formerly cap gemini ernst young) Business Systems Consultant October 20a business Systems Consultant with Capgeminis Microsoft Advanced Delivery center, I worked with clients to understand their business problems and worked with development teams to define and drive the functional requirements for technology solutions to address. During my time at Capgemini i worked across multiple industries including high-tech, financial, healthcare and energy. Education university of washington bachelors, business and Information Systems September. Menu, download a copy of my resume in pdf format.

ux manager resume

Client: visa, inc, ux Lead. December 20, visa needed to revamp and consolidate outdated and inconsistent regionals B2B sites into one global experience for customers such as financial institutions and payment processors. I was responsible for driving product requirements and functionality across the entire program including login, user enrollment and self-service, homepage design and search. Process Designer October 2010 november 2010 Gap, Inc. S Retail Supply Chain division needed to improve current processes used in its global delivery channels. My responsibilities were to understand the current state by interviewing subject matter experts, develop a consistent process flow language and methodology to be used across the team and define both the current state as well as identify areas for future state process improvements. Wells fargo senior Consultant June 2009 september 2010 I worked with the Wholesale Intranet about Management team to provide strategic and operational direction for improved methods of solution delivery and team management. I introduced methods for improved stakeholder research and business requirements definition as well as developing a platform release management strategy that incorporated user feedback to ensure regular product releases based on aligned user and business priorities.

included facilitating design workshops with stakeholders and users to define the requirements, developing low-fidelity wireframes and functional specifications and working collaboratively with developers during development. Client: visa, inc, ux Team Lead. June 20, as the ux team lead for the content Management System track for Visa Online, visa Inc. S B2B extranet portal, i defined user flows and requirements. I also managed a junior ux designer and provided oversight on all deliverables including wireframes, flow diagrams and prototypes. Slalom consulting, senior ux consultant. October 20, i was a senior ux designer within Slalom Consultings User Experience practice. I delivered user research and interaction design services at various clients in the bay area.

My other responsibilities included building the ux practice by creating go-to market strategies, ux offerings book and developing an internal roadmap. UX Strategist, march 20, i worked directly with McKessons Customer Experience and Change management organization as a ux strategist to define a strategy to implement ux methodologies for McKesson it organization. My work revolved around customer research, research analysis and future state envisioning. Lead ux researcher, december 2013 february 2014. The m team wanted to enhance the partner Locator tool. Since this effort had numerous false starts prior to Slaloms involvement, my role and approach was to conduct research with various stakeholders within the organization and align stakeholders on the business goals and product vision before starting a re-design. I conducted a competitive analysis of other Partner Locator tools and how they compared to the vmware experience. Ux team lead, february 20, i lead the ux team responsible for re-designing Visas corporate intranet from the ground.

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Work history, google, ux design Manager, january 2018 - present. I'm currently a ux design Manager at google, leading a talented team of creative thinkers and problem solvers. Nerdwallet, senior Product Design Manager, july 2016 - december 2017, as a senior Product Design Manager at NerdWallet, i built and lead a talented team of product designers, user researchers, and copywriters in rethinking the finance industry and creating experiences that empower people to take. Director of User Experience, april 20, in my lab role as Director of User Experience i led a team of designers in re-imagining the crowdfunding experience. I balanced my time between applying design thinking to inform broader product strategies, diving deep into to design to create delightful product experiences based on user insights and business goals and managing and mentoring other designers on the growing design team. Lead Product Designer, september 20, as a lead Product Designer with Indiegogos design team I focused on various aspects of Indiegogos product design and delivery processes, as well leading cross-disciplinary teams to create new crowdfunding experiences based on both deep user insights and business goals. Ux solution Principal, june 2012 - august 2014, as a design leader with Slalom Consultings User Experience practice, i was the client-facing team lead on complex enterprise-wide projects for various clients throughout the bay area. Along with leading project teams, i also pursued business development opportunities at both new and existing clients. I oversaw the ux point of view on project proposals through outlining project scope, defining activities, selecting team resources and estimating delivery timelines.

ux manager resume
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Senior ux designer, 2017 Present. In as interim design manager during a col league s extended leave of absence. Director level designer with seventeen years management experience.

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  1. If you want to improve the ux of the person reading your resume, check out this sa mple. Talented senior manager of user-experience design with the proven. Director of User Experience design at Catalina usa. I have now see n this resume posted so many times as an example of what a great resume.

  2. Download a copy of my resume in pdf format. Ux design resea rch Manager qualtrics 2016-Present. Responsible for the design of the.

  3. Ux director Resume samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume t o help you get an interview. Ux design Manager January 2018 - present I m currently a ux design Manager. Google, leading a talented team of creative thinkers and problem solvers.

  4. UX resume: ux director, ux manager, head of Design, ux architect, lead ux designer, unicorn. Peter Spannagle san Francisco. Ux manager Resume samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume to help you get an interview.

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