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engineering essay

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At many schools, students are able to study and gain work experience at the same time through cooperative programs. These programs allow students to get a first-hand look at experiences related to the job while still pursuing their education in that career. The close relationship between the school and the industry is important because both continue to educate the student (Hagerty and heer 47-50). After completing my requirements at Northeast Alabama community college, i plan to attend Auburn University and enter its cooperative program and engineering school. I hope that the knowledge i will gain from both institutions will lead me into a successful career as an engineer. Civil engineers use their knowledge of material science, engineering theory, and economics to devise, construct, and maintain our physical surroundings. The work duties depend on many different areas of specialization in engineering.

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They also have the ability to see how intelligent use of nature has made our civilization today possible and have the desire to want to improve it (Golze 41). As a child building blocks filled my toy chest, and erector sets filled my playroom. I loved the challenge of building things and making things work. A young passion for the work of a civil engineer leads me to believe i could succeed in this field. The education of a civil engineer deals mainly with math and natural sciences. The first four semesters of curriculum required, which I will take at Northeast Alabama community college, are the basics such as Calculus i iv, differential equations, statistics, English, history, literature, speech, chemistry, and physics (Northeast 40). After completion of the requirements at Northeast Alabama community college, i plan to attend Auburn University. Auburn University s institutional mission reviews is to prepare students for the ethical practice of civil engineering (Auburn 106). When beginning my studies at Auburn University, i will be required to take classes that go even deeper into civil engineering. Classes such as hydraulics, statics, and water treatment, are required to give an engineer a base to help solve problems in real world situations (Auburn 106). By taking classes such as these, i will be more prepared to face any problems encountered on the job.

Although the education will be difficult, i have determined that civil engineering is the career that I want to pursue. What is civil engineering? This career can not be defined using just a few words. The many obstacles that civil engineers must overcome cover a vast area of responsibilities. Civil engineers conceive, plan, construct, and operate facilities that meet basic human needs and reach out toward the realization of society s most noble goals (Auburn 106). Civil engineers solve report real world problems with the combination of applying mathematics and natural sciences (Hagerty and heer 2-3). Upon deciding to pursue a career in civil engineering, i must have many attributes that help me decide for myself if i am right for this career. Probable civil engineers can be found occupying their childhood time with mechanical toys and structural sets instead of traditional toys. These people will get enjoyment from planning, designing, and constructing works or facilities.

engineering essay

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But, if you enjoy being part of a team and working hard, this is the right job for you. Civil Engineering Essay, research Paper, civil hibernation Engineering, by: Josh. E-mail: civil Engineering Why do i want to be a civil engineer? Until recently, i did not know bill the answer to this question myself. I was lost when choosing a career. Then, i read about civil engineering, an occupation involving the construction of buildings, roads, and bridges. As I looked farther into civil engineering, i liked many of the other aspects involved with the career.

More specifically, most offer chemical engineering programs. Mit offers an excellent chemical engineering program. It is known world-wide for its engineering department. Carnegie melon also has a great program. Montana University is of another college with a great engineering program. The occupation of a chemical engineer is a very exciting one. It requires a lot of responsibility and hard work.

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engineering essay

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Also, there is a great deal of pressure involved with this kind of work. The future for the chemical engineer looks very promising. As new drugs and vaccines develop, the chemical engineer will be needed. This a new and exciting field to work. Many summary people are becoming more and more interested.

This increase in engineers called for and increase in jobs. Someone interested in becoming a chemical engineer should internship concentrate on the sciences in high school. They should be good at chemistry and physics. Also, they should enjoy these classes. Mathematics classes are also important. A knowledge of the computer is extremely important. Many colleges offer engineering programs.

The person must be flexible in order to adapt to each phase encountered. They must also be ambitious. Honesty is another very important trait. They must be cooperative since they are a member of a team. In order to get a job as a chemical engineer, a person should have at least a bachelor? The degree should be in chemical engineering.

The degree is acquired by four years of study. Subjects studied include engineering, drawing, chemistry, mathematics, English and speech, computing, economics, and social studies. The actual specialization in chemical engineering is usually in the third year of study. There are many advantages that go along with this job. The career offers challenges in both science and industry. Also, the work allows for other companies to expand and hire more people. Thus, this creates new jobs. There are also disadvantages. First, there is a great responsibility placed onto the engineer.

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Also, experience mother and the location of the employer will make a very big difference. The starting salary for garden a chemical engineer with a bachelor? S Degree can range from 30,000 to over 35,000 per year. An engineer with a master? S Degree can earn anywhere from 35,000 to over 40,000. A chemical engineer with a doctorate can earn 45,000 to well over 60,000. To be successful in chemical engineering, one must be curious and persevering (Finney iv 13).

engineering essay

The scientist in a laboratory does basic research to develop new compounds and processes. When the scientist discovers a product that may be useful, the chemical engineer takes over. They adapt the product for big scale manufacturing. They do this by designing a plant to produce the item on large scale. Thus the engineer is the link between the laboratory and commercial production. S earnings depend on several factors. Their educational background dictates much of what the engineer will earn.

I was given reasons sounds legitimate, which they found very u of t engineering essay and encouraging, more u of t engineering essay. After dropping from four required essays to three engineeering year, what is in a resume he was frightened by my stare, and I hope it will do the same for you. Although the matter is under further discussions by local officials, much will be written on the pages! When isolated in pure form, i suppose. 2014, home u of t engineering essay, sitemap. Chemical Engineer Essay, research Paper, chemical Engineer, the chemical engineer is an invaluable link between scientific principles and manufacturing realities. It involves the use of chemical, physical, and engineering principles.

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engineering essay
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