Eat pray love book report

Eat, pray, love ebook by Elizabeth Gilbert

eat pray love book report

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eat pray love book report

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about life after '

Copyright 2006 by Elizabeth Gilbert. Published by viking teresa books, a division of The penguin Group. No part of this excerpt can be used without permission of the publisher.

This was not my moment to be seeking romance and (as day follows night) to further complicate my already knotty life. This was my moment to look for the kind of healing and peace that can only come from solitude. Anyway, by now, by the middle of november, the shy, studious giovanni and I have become dear buddies. As for Dariothe more razzle-dazzle swinger brother of the twoI have introduced him to my adorable little Swedish friend Sofie, and how theyve been sharing their evenings in Rome is another kind of Tandem Exchange altogether. But giovanni and i, we only talk. Well, we eat and we talk. We have been eating and talking for many pleasant weeks now, sharing pizzas and gentle grammatical corrections, and tonight has been no exception. A lovely evening of new idioms and fresh mozzarella. Excerpted from "Eat, Pray, love" by Elizabeth Gilbert.

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eat pray love book report

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I discovered giovanni a few weeks after Id arrived in Rome, thanks to yourself that big Internet café at the piazza barbarini, across the street from that fountain with the sculpture of that sexy merman blowing into his conch shell. He (giovanni, that isnot the merman) had posted a flier on the bulletin board explaining that a native italian speaker was seeking a native english speaker for conversational language practice. Right beside his appeal was another flier with the same request, word-for-word identical in every way, right down to the typeface. The only difference was the contact information. One flier listed an e-mail address for somebody named giovanni; the other introduced somebody named Dario. But even the home phone number was the same. Using my keen intuitive powers, i e-mailed both men at the same time, asking in Italian, Are you perhaps brothers?

It was giovanni who wrote back this very provocativo message: even better. Tall, dark and handsome identical twenty-five-year-old twins, as it turned out, with those giant brown liquid-center Italian eyes that just unstitch. After meeting the boys in person, i began to wonder if perhaps I should adjust my rule somewhat about remaining celibate this year. For instance, perhaps I could remain totally celibate except for keeping a pair of handsome twenty-five-year-old Italian twin brothers as lovers. Which was slightly reminiscent of a friend of mine who is vegetarian except for bacon, but nonetheless. I was already composing my letter to penthouse: In the flickering, candlelit shadows of the roman café, it was impossible to tell whose hands were caress. I chopped the fantasy off in mid-word.

Oh, but there are so many reasons why this would be a terrible idea. To begin with, giovanni is ten years younger than i am, and like most Italian guys in their twenties he still lives with his mother. These facts alone make him an unlikely romantic partner for me, given that i am a professional American woman in my mid-thirties, who has just come through a failed marriage and a devastating, interminable divorce, followed immediately by a passionate love affair that ended. This loss upon loss has left me feeling sad and brittle and about seven thousand years old. Purely as a matter of principle i wouldnt inflict my sorry, busted-up old self on the lovely, unsullied giovanni.

Not to mention that I have finally arrived at that age where a woman starts to question whether the wisest way to get over the loss of one beautiful brown-eyed young man is indeed to promptly invite another one into her bed. This is why i have been alone for many months now. This is why, in fact, i have decided to spend this entire year in celibacy. To which the savvy observer might inquire: Then why did you come to Italy? To which I can only reply especially when looking across the table at handsome giovanni Excellent question. Giovanni is my tandem Exchange partner. That sounds like an innuendo, but unfortunately its not. All it really means is that we meet a few evenings a week here in Rome to practice each others languages. We speak first in Italian, and he is patient with me; then we speak in English, and i am patient with him.

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So, would I recommend this book? Probably not, unless you're interested in what a privileged white woman can do with a book advance, or if you're interested in Indian new-age beliefs. This is a bathtub-full-of-bubbles read: completely mindless, but ohhhh pretty bubbles. You might get something out of it, but it is by no means a religious text, or one that's life-changing. The next person that comes lab up to me, finds out I spent a year in India, and brings up this book is only going to get a sweet smile and, proposal "Did you enjoy that book? Wait until mine comes out.".more). Italy, i wish giovanni would kiss.

eat pray love book report

Field trip to the fabulous Hindu temple a day's car ride away? and as essays American as Disneyland may be, it's only one small facet of what America is and stands for. She mentions, while having a particularly moving spiritual experience, that "this is the worst nightmare of every American parent whose child has ever run away to India to find herself-that she will end up having orgies with trees in the moonlight." I laughed, and asked. She didn't say anything, so i said, "you were probably worried I was having real orgies! she fails to understand a few key points about India: one, that a female monk, in as many traditions as i am aware, is translated to "nun" in the English language; and two, that the reason why flights out of India are often. For instance, if you're traveling from Delhi to bangkok, your plane will leave late at night so when you arrive in Bangkok, it is morning, and you have to force yourself to stay awake, thus helping you defeat your jetlag. Same with flights from Delhi to new York; I might have been as tired as all hell, but hello new York sunlight!

for those juice boxes and plastic bags they can't? They put them in a room, until the day arrives that they can properly dispose of the material without damage to the environment). For an American tourist, these are great places to go on retreat, because you are largely sheltered from the Indian life outside. You get filtered water, nice and nutritious meals (with low risk of dysentery! access to hot water (through solar panels, but many places also have heaters that they can switch on for you if it's a cloudy day western toilets (over-rated and you meet some amazing people in these places-usually a mixture of extremely-well-to-do Indians and educated people. You will, occasionally, meet one or two locals, usually employed by the institutes. But what you experience in these institutes is not the culture that lies outside. It's equivalent to disneyland because you are taken care of, and can pick and choose what you want to do (literally: yoga or meditation?

There are certainly things we can admire her for: her honesty, for starters, even if she gets really annoying. A style note: I really love that she divided up the book into three main sections, with 36 stories each, for a total of 108 stories. I felt that some of the 36 sections were rather arbitrarily forced into sections, but I still love the set-up. I can't speak for her trips in Italy and Bali, knowing nothing about the culture, but I can speak for India, and it study needs. To sum up the "Pray" chapter in one line: Her experience in India was akin to someone coming to America and staying at Disneyland for four months. This is not to belittle her spiritual development there; in fact, i think the India section was my favorite out of the three. I've had friends say that they didn't want to go to India after reading this section, or that it was "long" and "boring but I really enjoyed getting inside her head and watching her smooth out some very big knots and minor kinks. When it comes down to it, however, she stayed at an Ashram for the entire duration of her stay in India, only really leaving the compound to drink soda (which, fyi, is called "Thums-Up" not "Thumbs-Up and presumably does not have high fructose corn syrup.

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"Oh, you spent a year in India? Well, have you read that book. She was in India, too! If I can forgive elizabeth Gilbert for being paid upfront to undertake a journey of "self-discovery" (and I can-sign me up for "Clueless in Calcutta"! then certainly, she can forgive me for only reading this because i felt obligated to. (And for "riding her coattails" in this review, so to speak.). Her style is pretty easy to get into, although I was completely fed up with "Oh, you spent a year in India? Her style is pretty easy to get into, although I was completely fed up with her sense of humor by i got to the end of the Italy "eat" section.

eat pray love book report
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  1. Book eat Pray love travel. You can - and you can book just one leg (India, italy or Bali) or all three. Get answers to your Eat, pray, love : One womans search for everything Across Italy, india, and Indonesia questions from professional tutors. Read More: Jill joy, contemporary Art, conscious Art, Spiritual Art, The jill joy gallery, ashram, Aline mare, michael giancristiano, julia roberts, eat Pray love, eat, pray, love : One woman.

  2. Photograph: Sony pictures Famed Naples pizzeria l antica pizzeria da michele gets a star turn in the book -cum-movie, eat, pray, love, when Julia roberts eats pizza there. Pizzeria da michele: via cesare sersale 1, 80139, naples, Italy (map ;. Photograph courtesy of Robert sietsema The. A listing of the famous sites of Rome and Naples, Italy included in the movie adaptation of the book, eat, pray, love.

  3. Eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Excerpt from, eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert, plus links to reviews, author biography more. Book, clubs in the usa - free report. If you would like to report an abuse of our service, such as a spam message, please contact.

  4. Eat, pray, love has 1,156,220 ratings and 48,849 reviews. Michalyn said: Wow, this book took me on a roller-coaster ride. I couldn t decide if I loved. Let us know whats wrong with this preview.

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