Essay on prime minister narendra modi

Narendra modi, biography - about Family, political life

essay on prime minister narendra modi

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In 1971, India had defeated pakistan in war and the congress government got reelected on the promise of uplifting the poor. This promise turned out to be an empty one as Garibi hatao (eradicate poverty) gradually changed into garib Hatao (eradicate the poor). The life of the poor worsened, and in Gujarat this misery got coupled with a severe famine and steep price rise. Endless queues for basic commodities had become a common sight in the state. There was no respite for the common man. The discontent turned into public anger when in December 1973, a few students of the morbi Engineering College protested against the exorbitant rise in their food bills. 1 page, 484 words, the Essay on to understand The most Important Characteristics Of a society, one must Study Its Major Cities. Major cities have always been the center of power, economy and politics in any civilization.

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By nineties, universities, large companies and government institutions were being forced to report racial dynamics within. Process was being grossly so, civil Rights movements activists taught us that the traditional understanding. Repressions against these ny people consider civil Rights movement as something idealistic and pure, deprived of any. Early life social Work, narendra modi was born at Vadnagar, mehsana district in North Gujarat on September 17, 1950 in a middle class obc family. As a boy in the Indo-pak war of the mid-sixties, he had volunteered to serve the Indian soldiers during transit at railway stations. He also helped people affected by the flood in Gujarat in 1967. He was elected as the student leader of Akhil Bhartiya vidhyarthi parishad (All India students council) due to his organizational capability and insight into endangered human psychology. Students protesting as part of the nav nirman movement. He has also played prominent roles in various socio-political movements in Gujarat such as the navnirman movement. By the end of 1960s and early 1970s, corruption and misgovernance of the congress government in Gujarat had reached new heights.

The Prime minister leads the executive branch of the government of India. The Prime minister is the senior member of cabinet in the executive branch of government in a parliamentary system. He selects and can dismiss other members of the cabinet; allocates posts to members within the government; is the presiding desk member and chairman of the cabinet and is responsible for bringing proposal of legislation. The resignation or death of the Prime minister dissolves the cabinet. The Prime minister is appointed by the President to assist the latter in the administration of the affairs of the executive. The incumbent prime minister is Manmohan Singh, in office since The next elections which most regional leaders have an eye on are the 2014 lok sabha elections. One of the most promising candidates vying for this post is Narendra modi, who is currently serving his 4th term as the chief minister of Gujarat. words, the Essay on Successes And failures Of civil Rights movement.

essay on prime minister narendra modi

Essay on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan ( Essay and meaning

It was inaugurated in 1941 with a big ceremony attended by hundreds of guests. The Princess of Negros was also instrumental in transporting then President Manuel. Quezon to the visayas when he escaped from Corregidor during World War. In the 60s Negros navigation was the first among the domestic shipping companies to operate brand new, fast and luxurious and air conditioned passenger ships with the likes of Don juan and doña florentina plying the manila-bacolod-Iloilo route. In 70s, the company was the first to construct and operate a modern passenger terminal in Manilas North Harbor. Negros navigation was also the first to offer special cruises to tourists spots in the Philippines and neighboring Asian countries such as Indonesia and Singapore with its luxury vessel doña monserrat. We would like to express our gratitude to The Principal of sies college of Science, arts and Commerce for giving us the opportunity to do this project and to Prof. Mithun Pillai for the guidance provided during its course. The prime minister of India, as addressed to in the constitution of India, is the chief of government, chief advisor to the President of India, head of the council of Ministers and the leader of the majority party in parliament.

Paragraph on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or Clean india

essay on prime minister narendra modi

Iamc news Digest - 23rd July 2017

Negros navigation was established in July 26, 1932 with incorporators from Iloilo and writing Negros who were mostly sugar planters namely: Julio ledesma, vicente lopez, januario jison, cesar Ledesma, juan Ledesma, manuel Hechanova, antonio lizares, nicolas lizares, carlos Lopez, placido mapa, and Aurelio montinola. Julio ledesma became the companys first Chairman of the board and President. words, the research paper on deva students Property website development. Within the United Kingdom. Therefore, the easier the navigation of the website is, the better the situation for deva student. Rental services hence without delay prompted the companies in Chester creates websites for their current customers as well. Development technology that has been adopted by many multinational companies and other rapidly growing organization in their database management.

Eventhough majority of the stockholders were from Jaro, iloilo city and the companys main office was in Iloilo, it is said that the company adopted the name negros navigation to avoid confusion since theres already a company named Iloilo Shipping at that time. It was only in January 1957 thesis that the company opened a branch in Bacolod. Negros navigations first ship was Marapara which the owners acquired even before the companys incorporation. In 1932 the company acquired another ship named Princess of Negros which sailed twice daily from Iloilo to silay. With the boom of the sugar industry, theres a need to have its own wharf in Bacolod thus in 1940, the company started constructing the banago Wharf.

Imagine, if she was not found guilty which was very much possible considering the power she had, then he would have not gained a single vote. He says that business lies in taking risks and higher the risks, higher the profits are. Modi had applied for visa to the United States and was rejected 3 times while he was the chief minister of Gujarat. But one day before the 2014 prime ministerial election results were out, barak obama sent an invitation to narendra modi requesting him to visit America. This doesnt talk about Modis courage but indirectly speaks about his bold and aggressive nature which even forced Obama to invite modi a day before he was announced as the Prime minister). Words, the name negros navigation and SuperFerry will soon be just a part of our memory since the two companies which were already merged under ats consolidated will now be called 2go travel.

Negros navigation has been a big part of inter-island travel not only for Ilonggos and Negrenses but also for most Filipinos. The company has been a vital link in the economy of the Philippines as it made possible a much efficient shipping of passengers and cargo between the islands. Perhaps, most Negrenses will remember the heartbreaking tragedy of the sinking of Don juan in 1980 which led to the demise of hundreds of Negrenses. Not even the dissolution of the name will make us forget that tragedy. It is fortunate that a history of the company is still available from its website. I think theres a big chance that the website may not be available for long since it is currently being redirected to the website of 2go travel. Just in case the link will not work, below are some important information on the history of the company or you may download it here.

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To conclude, Modi is a lab business man because he is a risk-taking, profit-minded person and I call him courageous because he has the courage to believe the unbelievable. Today, he is the inspiration of Indian youth. If youre looking for leadership, governance and Decision making, then vote for Modi. Modi says, people throw stones at me and I show courage by collecting those report stones and making a temple out of them. During his election campaign, he openly blamed the then chief minister of Delhi for corruption. The whole of india blindly trusted her that time because she was like this mother figure who would die for her country and blabla. Guess what, delhi chief minister was investigated and she was found guilty.

essay on prime minister narendra modi

According to times of India, modi created history when he invited the prime ministers of the south Asian countries including that of pakistan to his prime ministerial swearing ceremony after which they discussed their political issues. Getting over the ego, takes a lot of guts. In an important meeting with representatives of the neighboring countries, he asked the nations to be clear and declare immediately whether the countries were with India or against India, so that it isnt like good face summary to face and later crossing borders and firing soldiers. The outcome of this meeting was a peace treaty signed by south Asian prime ministers (SO no more world war 3 between India and pakistan improved trade relations and took action for the better of collective south Asia. Here is a glass of water. Some people will say that the glass is half filled by water, some will say that the glass is half empty. He believes in the third view as explained in the Economic Times. According to him, the glass is half of water and half of air because only optimism can encourage courage. Here is a short video of what the Indian prime minister has accomplished in his 1st 100 working days which no other prime minister ever has.

climate that will bring investment. I dont make false promises. This is what I will do and vote for me only if you want this. If I were him, then I would never dare to talk about such a plan that would invite criticism during the election campaign. Normally, a person would think that Modi just lost 65 of the votes that he had already won. But guess what, modi not only had those 65 in his favor, but also the others supported him because he offered a brighter future for India. Previously, one would need to take multiple approvals for an action, running from this govt office to that govt office, etc. Today you need to go to one govt office where you only need to take a couple approvals to begin action.

Modis new law says that any person reporting an instance of corruption will be rewarded and person engaging in corruption will be punished. We will write a custom essay sample on Narendra modi specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on Narendra modi specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Narendra modi specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, so now, youve got more eyes watching you than before if youre in India committing any kind of crime. A brilliant idea to stop corruption because he realizes that not many are willing to eradicate corruption until they have some personal gain. During his election campaign, modi spoke about his plan to replace the whole legal system of India with fewer new laws. The opposition party and many business men argued that only a more rigorous legal system can help prevent corruption.

Across the aisle: Second-class citizens?

A cup of tea for 10 cents. Would you like to have some tea sir? 2001- Chief Minister of Gujarat, one of the biggest states of India and remained as the Chief Minister for four consecutive terms until he became the Prime minister of India in 2014. Before narendra modi became the Prime minister of India, corruption was the only key to success in India. A couple years ago, my mom got her divers license in Muscat, where i stay and she wanted Indian driving license so that she could drive in India as well. She went to the department office, and to her surprise there was this guy standing at the entrance of the office gate who was ready to give her an original drivers license without having to give a test for half the price in no time. My mom did dillard that because she didnt want to stand in a line for like hours to get her license. Last summer, i drove to the department office to get my license but I couldnt dare to get one illegally.

essay on prime minister narendra modi
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Where there is a will there is a way essay. On, prime minister Shri narendra modi and his cabinet took oath and the new government came into existence. Narendra damodardas Modi, a well-known name in India who with his positive leadership qualities has taken the progress of the country to a new level.

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  1. Narendra modi is the name which is doing the rounds as the next Prime minister of India in 2014. Whether he will become the Prime minister or not only time will tell but whether he has the potential to lead a country where there are different religions, caste and creeds. Jan Dhan Yojana Essay. Article on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

  2. The Essay on Successes And failures Of civil Rights movement. Prime minister of India. What are your thoughts and ideas for my 15th August speech? Share them with me on a specially created forum on the narendra modi App.

  3. This is just a sample. Before narendra modi became the Prime minister of India, corruption was the only key to success in India. The Prime minister leads the executive branch of the government of India.

  4. Narendra modi / Narendra damodardas Modi is the 15th and current Prime minister of India, in office since essay on narendra modi for kids. My favourite political leader narendra modi. My favorite politician Narendra modi essay, speech, Article, paragraph. Narendra modi my favorite Prime minister.

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