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paper making tree

Make, christmas, tree, with, paper 3 d christmas, tree

4 This was part of the Spaniard's efforts to mass convert the indigenous to catholicism, which included the mass burning of codices, which contained most of the native history as well as cultural and natural knowledge. 11 Only 16 of 500 surviving codices were written before the conquest. The other, post-conquest books were written on bark paper although a few were written on European paper, cotton, or animal hides. They were largely the work of missionaries, such as Bernardino de sahagún, who were interested in recording the history and knowledge of the indigenous people. Some of the important codices of this type include codex sierra, codex la cruz badiano and Codex Florentino. The codex Mendocino was commissioned by viceroy antonio de mendoza in 1525 to learn about the tribute system and other indigenous practices to be adapted to Spanish rule. However, it is on European paper.

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17 For ceremonial and religious events, bark paper was used in various ways: as decorations used in fertility rituals, yiataztli, a kind of bag, and as an amatetéuitl, a badge used to symbolize a prisoner's soul after sacrifice. It was also used to dress idols, priests and sacrifice victims in forms of crowns, stoles, plumes, wigs, trusses and bracelets. Paper items such as flags, skeletons and very long papers, up to the length of a man, were used as offerings, often resume by burning them. 18 Another important paper item for rituals was paper cut in the form of long flags or trapezoids and painted with black rubber spots to depict the characteristic of the god being honored. At a certain time of year, these were also used to ask for rain. At this time, the papers were colored blue with plumage at the spearhead. 19 Colonial period to 20th century edit When the Spanish arrived, they noted the production of codices and paper, which was also made from maguey and palm fibers as well as bark. It was specifically noted by pedro mártir de Anglería. 20 After the conquest, indigenous paper, especially bark paper lost its value as a tribute item not only because the Spanish preferred European paper but also because bark paper 's connection to indigenous religion caused it to be banned. 12 The justification for the banning of amate was that it was used for magic and witchcraft.

It was preceded by stone, clay and leather to transmit knowledge first in the form of pictures, and later report with the Olmecs and maya through a form of hieroglyphic writing. 8 Bark paper had important advantages as it is easier to obtain than animal skins and was easier to work than other fibers. It could be bent, shirred, glued and melded for specific finishing touches and for decoration. Two more advantages stimulated the extensive use of bark paper : its light weight and its ease of transport, which translated into great savings in time, space and labor when compared with other raw materials. 16 In the aztec era, paper retained its importance as a writing surface, especially in the production of chronicles and the keeping of records such as inventories and accounting. Codices were converted into "books" by folding into an accordion pattern. Of the approximately 500 surviving codices, about 16 date to before the conquest and are made of bark paper. These include the Dresden Codex from the yucatán, the fejérváry-mayer Codex from the mixteca region and the borgia codex from Oaxaca. 17 However, paper also had a sacred aspect and was used in rituals along with other items such as incense, copal, maguey thorns and rubber.

paper making tree

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According to some early Spanish accounts, the summary bark was left overnight in water to soak, after which the finer inner fibers were separated from coarser outer fibers and pounded into flat sheets. But it is not known who did the work, or how the labor was divided. 14 As a tribute item, amate was assigned to the royal sector because it was not considered to be a commodity. This paper was related to power and religion, the way through which the aztecs imposed and justified their dominance in Mesoamerica. As tribute, it represented a transaction between the dominant groups and the dominated villages. In the second phase, the paper used by the royal authorities and priests for sacred and political purposes was a way to empower and frequently register all the other sumptuary exclusive things. 15 Amate paper was created as part of a line of technologies to satisfy the human need to express and communicate.

4 9 12 This paper was assigned to the royal sector, to be used as gifts on special occasions or as rewards for warriors. It was also sent to the religious elites for ritual purposes. The last share was allotted to royal scribes for the writing of codices and other records. 13 Little is known about the paper 's manufacture in the pre-hispanic period. Stone beaters dating from the 6th century ce have been found, and these tools are most often found where amate trees grow. Most are made of volcanic stone with some made of marble and granite. They are usually rectangular or circular with grooves on one or both sides to macerate the fibers. These beaters are still used by Otomi artisans, and almost all are volcanic, with an additional groove added on the side to help hold the stone.

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paper making tree

How to, make, christmas, tree, with, paper 3 d christmas, tree

Coe and other researchers have asserted is authentic and dated to the 12th-13th century. 7 Arguments from the 1940s to the 1970s have centered on a time of 300 ce of the use of bark clothing by the maya people. Ethnolinguistic studies lead to the names of two villages in maya territory that relate the use of bark paper, excachaché place where white bark trusses are smoothed and yokzachuún over the white paper. Anthropologist Marion mentions that in Lacandones, in Chiapas, the maya were still manufacturing and using bark clothing in the 1980s. For these reason, it was probably the maya who first propagated knowledge about bark- paper - making and spread it throughout southern Mexico, guatemala, belize, honduras, and El Salvador, when it was at its height in the pre-classic period.

8 9 However, according researcher Hans Lenz, this maya paper was likely not the amate paper known in later Mesoamerica. 4 The mayan language word for book is hun hun. 10 Amate essay paper was used most extensively during the Triple Alliance Empire. 11 This paper was manufactured in over 40 villages in territory controlled by the aztecs and then handed over as tribute by the conquered peoples. This amounted to about 480,000 sheets annually. Most of the production was concentrated in the modern state of Morelos, where ficus trees are abundant because of the climate.

Contents History edit Amate paper has a long history. This history is not only because the raw materials for its manufacture have persisted but also that the manufacture, distribution and uses have adapted to the needs and restrictions of various epochs. This history can be roughly divided into three periods: the pre-hispanic period, the Spanish colonial period to the 20th century, and from the latter 20th century to the present, marked by the paper 's use as a commodity. 1 Pre-hispanic period edit The development of paper in Mesoamerica parallels that of China and Egypt, which used rice and papyrus respectively. 2 It is not known exactly where or when papermaking began in Mesoamerica.

3 4 The oldest known amate paper dates back to. It was discovered at the site of huitzilapa, jalisco. Huitzilapa is a shaft tomb culture site located northwest of Tequila volcano near the town of Magdalena. The crumpled piece of paper was found in the southern chamber of the site's shaft tomb, possibly associated with a male scribe. Rather than being produced from Trema micrantha, from which modern amate is made, the amate found at huitzilapa is made from Ficus tecolutensis. 5 Iconography (in stone) dating from the period contains depictions of items thought to be paper. For example, monument 52 from the Olmec site of San Lorenzo tenochtitlán illustrates an individual adorned with ear pennants of folded paper. 6 The oldest known surviving book made from amate paper may be the Grolier Codex, which Michael.

Make, christmas, tree with paper 3 d christmas tree

Spiritual leaders in the small village. San Pablito, puebla were described as producing paper house with "magical" properties. Foreign academics began studying this ritual use of amate in the mid-20th century, and the. Otomi people of the area began producing the paper commercially. Otomi craftspeople began selling it in cities such. Mexico city, where the paper was revived by, nahua painters in, guerrero to create "new" indigenous craft, which was then promoted by the mexican government. Through this and other innovations, amate paper is one of the most widely available mexican indigenous handicrafts, sold both nationally and abroad. Nahua paintings of the paper, which is also called "amate receive the most attention, but Otomi paper makers have also received attention not only for the paper itself but for crafts made with it such as elaborate cut-outs.


paper making tree

N seattle, washington 98103. Amate spanish : life amate amate from, nahuatl languages : āmatl amatɬ ) is a type of bark paper that has been manufactured in, mexico since the precontact times. It was used primarily to create codices. Amate paper was extensively produced and used for both communication, records, and ritual during the. Triple Alliance ; however, after the, spanish conquest, its production was mostly banned and replaced by european paper. Amate paper production never completely died, nor did the rituals associated with. It remained strongest in the rugged, remote mountainous areas of northern. Puebla and northern, veracruz states.

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paper making tree
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  2. This post contains affiliate links Are you feeling jolly already? Edited to add: Forgot to mention that we are also making a bigger cardboard version of these, that the girls will paint and decorate. We ll mount them on circles a little bigger.

  3. More commonly it is made from the versatile mulberry tree - varieties of which are also used for feeding silkworms and in medicine. ShareTweetPinGoogle815sharesWe love fun project that turn out totally amazing at the same time too. This simple 3D paper, christmas tree is such an adorable little craft for kindergarten and preschool as it will have the kids work on their scissor skills.

  4. Tristin and I both love scrapbook paper. We love the large variety of gorgeous patterns to choose from and the lovely, convenient low prices (so you can indulge when needed). By the mid-20th century, the knowledge of making amate paper was kept alive only in a few small towns in the rugged mountains of puebla and Veracruz states, such as San Pablito, an Otomi village and Chicontepec, a nahua village. Incidentally, the traditional Asian paper which is often referred to as rice paper is not made from rice fibres at all.

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  7. The oldest known archaeological fragments of the immediate precursor to modern paper date to the 2nd century bce in e pulp paper- making process is ascribed to cai lun, a 2nd-century ce han court eunuch. Paper, family, tree : make a family, tree out of construction paper. Paper, handmade, paper, recycled Wrapping, paper, seed, paper, plantable.

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