Pole fitness studio business plan

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pole fitness studio business plan

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While Stanley and Flunky go into town to find someone to build a new foundation, tennessee tries to straighten the foundation. When nothing seems to work, tennessee and Chumley go to Phineas. 1/11/1964 "The Bridge builders" tennessee and Chumley get jobs as bridge builders. Rocky maninoff wants them to build a bridge following his gang's bank robbery, or else. 1/18/1964 "Sail Ho!" tennessee and Chumley go up against Jerboa jump in a yacht race to determine who will end up leading the zoo's Yacht Club. 2/1/1964 "Tell-Tale telegraph" tennessee dreams that he, chumley, yakkety and Baldy are at a fort headed by Stanley livingston that keeps suffering Indian attacks. Tennessee and his friends must find a way to warn the fort of approaching Indians. 2/8/1964 "Howl, howl, the gang's All Here" tennessee receives a dog named Howler from his uncle and tries to hide him from Stanley livingston.

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12/7/1963 "Hot Air Heroes" When ordered by Stanley livingston to spread the joint news of the town picnic at the megapolis zoo, tennessee and Chumley, having already tried telephone and newspaper, turn to Phineas. Whoopee for other ideas. Phineas tells them about hot-air balloons. 12/14/1963 "Irrigation Irritation" during a drought, tennessee tries to figure out how to get for water to his watermelon crops. Meanwhile, stanley livingston is warned by the Chief of Police not to waste water during the drought on pain of arrest. 12/21/1963 "tv testers" tennessee and Chumley get jobs as tv repairmen. Their first customer is Rocky maninoff, who orders them to repair his television, or else. Meanwhile, the Chief of Police gets word from Stanley livingston that Tennessee and Chumley have escaped from the zoo. 12/28/1963 "By the Plight of the moon" After getting knocked out, tennessee dreams he is to be the first astronaut penguin to take a rocket to the moon. 1/4/1964 "lever levity" In a follow-up to "Coal Minors the tunneling that Tennessee and Chumley did for their coal mine has caused the foundation of Stanley's office to settle to one side.

11/16/1963 "zoo's News" When ordered by Stanley livingston to spread the news to the other animals of an upcoming event, tennessee and Chumley turn to Phineas. Whoopee for ways to. Phineas tells them about newspapers. 11/23/1963 "Aztec Antics" When Jerboa jump arrives at the zoo, stanley teresa livingston arranges for some archaeologists to make a trip to mexico to find some artifacts to go with Jerboa's exhibit. Tennessee and Chumley learn about the aztecs from Phineas. 11/30/1963 "Coal Minors" tennessee and Chumley assemble a stovepipe oven to heat their quarters. They learn how coal is obtained from Phineas.

pole fitness studio business plan

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10/26/1963 "Tic Toc" The megapolis great zoo receives a clock tower. Chumley accidentally shoots an arrow at the clock and Stanley livingston orders Tennessee and Chumley to remove the arrow. Tennessee and Chumley learn how clocks work from Phineas. 11/2/1963 "Scuttled Sculpture" The megapolis zoo receives a statue of Stanley livingston that will be dedicated to him tomorrow. When Chumley accidentally wrecks it, tennessee and Chumley turn to Phineas. 11/9/1963 "Snap That Picture" tennessee and Chumley get jobs as photographers. Their first great job is to take the picture of the mayor of Megapolis for his poster advertisement. How do cameras work?

9/28/1963 "Rainmakers" tennessee and Chumley get jobs as weathermen. A farmer demands they make rain for his cauliflower crops or he will use his shotgun on them. Tennessee and Chumley turn to Phineas. 10/5/1963 "The lamplighters" tennessee and Chumley learn how lights work when the darkness prevents Tennessee from reading his book. "Telephone terrors or dial 'm' for mayhem" tennessee wants to have a telephone in each animal's quarters. Whoopee to learn how a telephone works. 10/19/1963 "Giant Clam" When Stanley livingston wants to obtain a giant clam for the megapolis zoo, tennessee and Chumley sneak out of the zoo to obtain one for him. Tennessee and Chumley visit Phineas. Whoopee to learn where they can find a giant clam.

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pole fitness studio business plan

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Occasional back segments included The world of Commander McBragg, klondike kat, tooter Turtle, the hunter, and The king and Odie (the last three were re-run from the earlier King leonardo show). Don Adams used his well-known clippy voice characterization for the voice of the small penguin, who tries but cant succeed-o, which he said was an exaggeration of actor William Powell s voice. Bradley bolke's characterization of Chumley seemed to be taken from Charlie cantor 's voice and personality of Clifton Finnegan on the duffy's tavern radio show of the 1940s; there finnegan played a somewhat similar dimwitted sidekick to the scheming but good-natured bartender Archie. Chumley would ask tennessee a riddle before and in between the segments, in which. Whoopee paper came up with the humorous answer on his Three-dimensional Blackboard, usually ending with laughter.

Sometimes Tennessee would ask Whoopee a riddle and Whoopee would come up with the humorous answer. Episodes edit series overview edit season 1 (19631964) edit "Mixed-Up Mechanics" After Stanley livingston brings them to the megapolis zoo, tennessee and Chumley find a job outside the zoo—which will prove to be their first of many—as mechanics. Their first customer is Rocky maninoff, who warns them to repair his car, or else. Tennessee takes advice from a newspaper ad to see phineas. Whoopee to learn how cars work.

Whoopee shouts out in excitement: "whoopee!" In a few episodes, Whoopee made both Tennessee and Chumley promise not to fool around with dangerous things. Sometimes, tennessee and Chumley had to see. Whoopee again when they failed in their first attempt to solve things. Whoopee to say: "But i've tried to warn you.". Sometimes a warning from Whoopee came too late to help both Tennessee and Chumley.

The pair would then attempt to use their newly gained knowledge to get out of the trouble they had created, but would invariably end up in more trouble with Stanley livingston, who would punish them in different ways, ranging from having the police arrest them. Stanley even threatened to skin them alive many times. Some episodes end merely with Stanley chasing Tennessee and Chumley around the zoo. A few times, they managed to succeed, including an episode in which the pair (along with Baldy) formed a musical group that gained so much popularity that they managed to star in Stanley's music show, while Stanley was reduced to carrying out his threat. On a boing podcast, Underdog creator joe harris explained that. Commissioner Newton Minow declared television a "vast wasteland" in terms of educational material. Efforts were subsequently made to include education in programming. He added that in this show, tennessee and Chumley were portrayed as the ones who were being educated, so that children would not feel that they were being lectured to, even though they were.

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Whoopee, as he words was known, was extremely knowledgeable on all subjects, and would frequently lecture the pair on diverse topics, from the physics behind the hot air balloon to how musicians become popular. His lectures were illustrated and animated on the Three-dimensional Blackboard (3dbb for short) that he would retrieve out of an avalanche of junk that would always fall out from his overstuffed hallway closet whenever he opened the closet door. Other times, tennessee and Chumley would have to overcome a personal problem to which children could relate, such as Chumley's requiring treatment for a toothache but fearing the dentist. At the end of each lecture from. Whoopee, tennessee praised his mentor with the line, phineas. Whoopee, youre the greatest! The name also applies to when.

pole fitness studio business plan

Some of the episodes centered around Tennessee's trying to outsmart Jerboa at his revit own game and succeeding in the end. Tennessee and Chumley were constantly bedeviled by rocky maninoff (voiced by jackson Beck a gangster who often called them dum-dums, and bo-bos and ordered them to do his will at the point of his machine gun (which he sometimes referred to as his "violin. Rocky had a dumb assistant nicknamed "Pretzel" (voiced by delmar, and Adams who sounded like humphrey bogart. Rocky maninoff's name is an obvious pun on that of composer and musician Sergei rachmaninoff. Tennessee and Chumley regularly escaped from the zoo, only to find trouble in the outside world. Whenever Tennessee would propose a hare-brained scheme, chumley would be skeptical at first. Typically tennessee would assure the dim-witted Chumley that his superior intelligence would carry the day, often with his catchphrase, "Tennessee tuxedo will not fail!" More often than not, however, he did. Chumley would respond with his own catchphrase, "Duh, ok tennessee." When faced with more trouble than they could bear, the pair would turn to their friend Phineas. Whoopee (voiced by future f troop star Larry Storch the man with All the Answers".

Tennessee met Stanley. It was Chumley that Stanley had wanted, as Chumley was at the south Pole and was thus one of a kind: a south Pole walrus. Tennessee agreed to accompany Chumley and Stanley back to the zoo. At the zoo, tennessee and Chumley had many friends to help them out, such as yakkety yak, baldy the eagle, peanuts the Elephant, the beaver brothers, Freddy cat, icycold the Blue reluctant Dragon (both also voiced by kenny delmar Alfonse the giraffe, the gopher brothers. Four episodes also featured Howler, a dog that Tennessee got from his Uncle Admiration. Stanley was against Tennessee's having Howler on zoo grounds until Howler saved Stanley when he fell into a lake upon spying on Tennessee and Chumley's housing project for Howler. Tennessee and Chumley had a rival: Jerboa jump the kangaroo rat (also voiced by Bradley bolke). Jerboa had a henchman in a boxing tiger named Tiger Tornado (voiced by kenny delmar).

Sponsored by Trix cereal, they resided on. They feature the voice talent. Chris Phillips, robb Pruitt and Ashley albert. Contents, the cartoon series revolved around Tennessee tuxedo the penguin (voiced resume by, don Adams, future star of, get Smart and later voice. Inspector Gadget ) and his best friend Chumley the walrus (voiced by, bradley bolke, brother of Terrytoons voice artist dayton Allen,. Deputy dawg, tom Terrific, and many others). The pair lived (not always willingly) at the megapolis.

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Tennessee tuxedo and His party Tales is an animated cartoon, tV series that originally aired. Cbs from 1963 to 1966. 1, it was produced by, total Television, the same company that produced the earlier. King leonardo and the later, underdog, and primarily sponsored by, general Mills. Tennessee tuxedo debuted on cbs on the same day that. King leonardo last ran on nbc. 2 ) The title is a play on the tuxedo dinner jacket worn as formal wear. New short episodes 3 4 were created for in 2014 by Chuck gammage Animation in Toronto, and Cartoon Lagoon Studios in New York.

pole fitness studio business plan
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  2. The hotel is a 2-minute walk from the Edgware road underground stations serving the district, circle, hammersmith & City and bakerloo lines. Tennessee tuxedo and His Tales is an animated cartoon tv series that originally aired on cbs from 1963 to 1966. It was produced by total Television, the same company that produced the earlier King leonardo and the later Underdog, and primarily sponsored by general Mills.

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