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Anyhoo, having established all this, we now move on to the plot. . (hey, at least they knew how to make movies that only lasted about an hour and a half back then.)  Cabot is driving through the woods when he is hit by a not entirely convincing thunderstorm, and subsequently experiences a not utterly credible car crash. However, although the execution is a bit awkward, we do get a nicely conceived camera dolly that ultimately reveals the cars front seat to now be mysteriously unoccupied.* *Definitely one of the films main hitches is the stolid, molasses paced direction of Fritz keirsch. . Kiersch had earlier directed. Children of the corn, his most famous film, although perhaps his most fondly remembered flick is the psycho-bully flick tuff Turf. . Sadly, those early films remain his most prominent, though. .

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Hard Target and, the for mummy. By now the books fans must have been completely and utterly pissed off. . everything about Cabot is clearly meant to reinforce what an ineffectual loser. . he is dressed in an unfashionable sports jacket and tie, sports a clearly cheap digital watch and wears nerdy glasses (which he loses when he hits Gor, to no effect whatsoever). . he bores his students dreadfully, he has a bad car, his girlfriend leaves him for a lout, etc. . Presumably this is all meant to explain why hed find life on Gor an improvement. I am allowing for the fact that Cabot found his Earth life unsatisfactory in the first book, too. . There, though, it presumably wasnt because he was a dweeb, but rather a stifled Alpha male smothered by an effete society where women were allowed to do things like leave their boyfriends and where he couldnt repay the guy who took her by running. (Im not saying there are corresponding events in the novel Tarnsman of Gor, because i dont know that there are. . But I have to assume the cabot of the book was presented as too much man for modern-day earth, rather than too little, as he is here.).

And sure enough, she quickly dumps our nebbishy hero for Norman a weird jock / yuppie hybrid driving a jeep and wearing a sweater tied around his neck, as was the fashion of the day. . needless to say, this brassy fellow gives Cabot the old hee-hah before driving off with his former chick. Is this a gag? . Norman, as in John Norman? . If so, why name a jerkoff character after the guy who wrote the books the movie is based on? . In it isnt meant as a gag, then wow, thats pretty damn sloppy. . For what its worth, though, writing norman is played by a young Arnold Vosloo, who later became one of Hollywoods heavies of choice in films like.

saw movie review

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His eye-rolling students quickly flee, while cabot gathers up his books and hooks up with beverly, his girlfriend. . (It should be noted, she was visibly giggling at his inane lecture, so, you know, watch out.). The two are meant to be spending the upcoming school break in the woods. . I guess this is meant to establish that Cabot has some outdoors skills. . Again, though, the film quickly works to evaporate any sense of competence on his part. . he intends to drive beverly and himself out to a remote location for an extended stay in a dumpy old car, his gear mostly seems to consist of a fishing pole (upon which he closes the car door and he never even bothers to remove. Beverly, presumably desk a stand-in for uppity, pampered Earth girls, complains (not unreasonably, actually) that she has little use for a weekend of roughing it without electricity and running water whilst her boyfriend goes fishing. .

This, he explains, is rumored to be an artifact connected to a counter-Earth called Gor. . reading from his notes, he explains that How the stone set in the ring works, the circumstances that govern its power, and the nature of Gor itself, are yet undetermined by modern science. Yes, supposedly cabot actually has a job teaching this at a college. . (Actually, given the stuff actually taught in many of them, maybe this isnt so hard to swallow.). A typical theater audience enjoys Gor. Note he actually wrote gor on the blackboard. . This is why parents take a second mortgage to send their kids to college. Having established Cabots lameness and some wispy exposition about The ring and Gor, the class bell now rings. .

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saw movie review

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Despite these monikers, the film was not made in Italy. . The film was shot in south Africa, where cannon made a number of films during this period (this, the sequel, the then latest version of Agatha Christies. Ten Little Indians, which also featured paul. Smith presumably because it was dirt cheap. . Presumably the stars were meant to give the film a stronger selling point in European markets. .

Indeed, surname aside,. Ferratti was actually born in Montana, and presumably landed the role partly because shed been Playboys Miss June the year prior. Unless the cabot of the first book went through a rather incredible transformation between his initial appearance and the series eighth book, where i met him, then fans must have nearly croaked when we meet the bland, ineffectual dweeb he is presented to be here. . Presumably hoping for a little Indiana jones aura, we find Cabot teaching a class water of college students, albeit clearly not in Britain. Cabot is lecturing his patently—one might even say exaggeratedly—bored students about this ring his owns, a woefully cheap-looking family heirloom.

His world-building is also pretty impressive, although as noted, likely repulsive to most. There arent many action sci-fi movies whose poster art features the films hero laying prostrate before a woman. The manner of things are ably foretold in the films first few seconds, when the familiar Cannon Films logo appears onscreen. . John Normans name appears above the title, but surely any surcease in unease proved temporary. . The score kicks in, and its fairly lush. . However, even this must have struck fans of Normans books as not only overly generic, but as entirely too light-hearted in tone.

 Those hoping for a brooding. Conan the barbarian tone more appropriate to normans books must have already been getting a bit antsy. On the other hand, the cast is, on a certain level, kind of impressive. . At least to the inexperienced eye, that. . While the names of several familiar actors appear, the veteran film buff will notice that the actual stars of the film are Urbano barberini and Rebecca ferratti.*  (Yes, sadly, tarl Cabot will not be played by Chuck norris or even Michael Dudikoff. . This, as things pans out, proves much to the films detriment.)  From this, one can safely assume that such comparatively expensive actors as Oliver reed (who gets a special credit as Sarm jack palance and paul. Smith will not be spending overmuch time onscreen. Mmmm, not so much.

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Free women are afforded a completely different status in Gor. . However, at british least from the evidence of this book, they are in constant danger of being enslaved by, oh, other tribesmen, pirates, slave traders, fuller Brush salesmen, etc. . Indeed, such traders often travel to earth to bring back earthwomen as slaves. . several of the gor novels are narrated by such women. It should be noted that apparently each and every slave girl on the planet—and there must be a hundred or more points featured in Hunters of Gor alone—are incredibly beautiful and desirable. . The better ones are also (we are told) highly intelligent and incredibly (at least initially) strong-willed, since the greatest happiness is when women such as this finally abandon their pointless, unnatural notions of independence. To be fair (at least from the one book at hand normans writing does convey the usual strengths of pulp writing; lean, propulsive prose of the sort that one could see be compulsively readable. .

saw movie review

It is further said, that on the couch, the gorean girl, whether slave or free, who has had the experience, who has tried all loves, begs for a master. . She wished to belong completely to a man, withholding nothing, permitted to withhold nothing. . And, of course, of all women, only a slave girl may truly belong to a man, only a slave girl can be truly his, in all ways, utterly, totally, completely, his, selflessly, at his mercy, his ecstatic slave, helpless and joyous in the total submission. But I was not much interested in these things. . I saw her before. . She was only a slave. As we can see, however, the men dont essay really feel any return allegiance to their enslaved woman, who were are told repeatedly—and I mean like literally hundreds of times in this novel alone—are but animals and only slaves.* even so, gorean men are really the.

which the books are most remembered. . Norman seems to have used the series to promote what to most will seem a highly distasteful philosophy on the natural roles of men and women. . In particular, gorean cultures are big on slaves, and Norman pushes the idea that being in utter, literal thrall to a man is the only way for a woman to be truly happy. . Im not sure how long it took cabot to buy into this idea once hed decided to stay on Gor, but by this eighth book the deed was done. Much of the novel is spent beating these themes over and over, as in this representative passage: how hard it must be, to be a woman, cabot thought. . She, noble creature, so marvelous in her temptations and beauties and with the excellences of her mind and the determined prides of her heart, how strange that she, so much prizing her freedom, is made whole only as it is ruthlessly swept from her, that. The goreans claim that in each woman there is a free companion, proud and beautiful, worthy and noble, and in each, too, a slave girl. . The companion seeks for her companion; the slave girl for her master. .

Novels refer to it) is a space opera series that, at least in its basics, seems clearly modeled on Edgar Rice burroughs venerable john Carter of Mars books. . British professor Tarl Cabot—presumably a mary sue stand-in for Norman himself, empire as the author was a professor of philosophy, as well as a historian—is transported to the counter-Earth of Gor, a planet that lies on the opposite side of the sun. Gor has been artificially stabilized by aliens, and (if Im following this correctly) over the ages various groups of humans have been brought there to populate the planet. . Travel between one planet and the other is also possible, although Im not sure about the mechanisms of this. . However, this is how Cabot, conveniently a sword master (the aliens keep the various human civilizations at sword-level military technology ends up there. The books, from the research ive done (hello, wikipedia sound like they cover a lot of ground. . The only novel I could actually dig up was the eighth in the series, hunters of Gor. .

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Top, movie news, movie news, movie news, movie news, movie news, movie news review, movie news, movie news, movie news, movie news, movie news, movie news review. Trending articles, most Popular Upcoming, more, latest movie posters. More, latest movie reviews, more. I can only imagine, in those distant, pre-Internet days when information traveled, oh, so much more slowly, the cries of despair and derision that must have arisen from fans of John Normans Gor novels when they finally learned the upcoming Cannon film adaptation was rated. This is especially true since by 1987 the also, although not quite as, inadequate pg-13 rating was already extant. More to the point, however, the 80s had seen a lot of trashy, r-rated fantasy romps like. Deathstalker and, barbarian queen. Films like this featured exactly the sort of hard-edged, dark sexuality and rampant nudity that Norman fans presumably assumed a gor house film would revel. The gor saga (Im sure thats how fans of the 28!

saw movie review
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