Small rattan writing desk

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small rattan writing desk

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Default and Resale: you agree that if, after being declared the winning bidder, you fail to pay for any item that you have won for any reason, your account will be declared in default. . If you still refuse to pay for any item after being notified of your accounts being in default, you agree that the auctioneer will have the right to immediately resell your item, and you further agree to pay (1) any cost associated with the resale. Picking Up your Items: you are solely responsible for the safe and timely pick-up and removal of any items you may win at this auction. If you are unable to safely pick up and remove your items during the removal times that have been scheduled for this sale, please do not bid. The auctioneer does not ship, nor does the auctioneer hold items beyond the published removal times. . The auctioneer will not issue you a refund if you are unable to pick up and safely remove your items during the published removal times.

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Payment: At the conclusion of this auction, the credit card associated with your account will be and automatically charged for the full price of your purchases. For this reason, it is imperative that you laboratory provide the auctioneer with a credit card that can bear the weight of all of your purchases at the moment the auction closes. You can update your credit card information at any time by clicking the my account tab and choosing Update Credit Card. Suspension : you understand and agree that if, at the end of this auction, the auctioneer is twice unable to charge your credit card for the entire amount of your purchases, the auctioneer will suspend your online bidding privileges indefinitely. . The auctioneer will only reinstate suspended accounts if the suspended bidder hands over a 1,000 deposit to be held in escrow for a period of one year. Chargebacks Prohibited : you agree that you will accept all charges placed on the credit card associated with your account, and you agree that you will not charge back any amount that the auctioneer charges to your credit card. you agree that this provision applies equally to amounts charged in connection with any items you have won and any costs or fees discussed in Paragraphs 18-20 of these terms and Conditions. Buyers Premium: A 15 buyers premium is added to every purchase. This means that if your winning bids add up to 100, you will be charged 115 at checkout. Sales Tax: Sales tax will be collected on items purchased at this auction. Remember: if you are tax exempt, you must follow the procedures discussed in Paragraph 2 to apply for tax-exempt status.

Dynamic Closing : The closing time of an item is automatically extended an additional four minutes whenever a bid is placed essay within the four minutes leading up to an items scheduled closing time. Winning Bids: If you place a bid in this sale, and your bid is determined to be the winning bid, you become obligated to pay for the item that you have won at the price you gave as your bid. Notification : If you end up placing one or more winning bids in this auction, the auctioneer will contact you by e-mail to let you know which items you have won. . This e-mail notification will be the only contact you receive from the auctioneer about your winning bids; this means that you are responsible for checking your e-mail following the close of the auction to determine what items you have won. If you do not receive an e-mail identifying you as a winning bidder, it is because the auctioneer has no record of your having placed a winning bid. Bid Inquiries : If you believe that you placed a winning bid, but do not receive an e-mail, you must notify the auctioneer by sending an e-mail to explaining your situation by 9:00am on the day after of the auction has closed. . you agree that the auctioneer will be the sole authority regarding the identification of winning bids.

small rattan writing desk

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Changes in Circumstance: All aspects of this auction are subject to change without notice. . The auctioneer reserves the right to at any great time (1) add or remove items from the auction, (2) split or combine lots, (3) add minimum bids or reserve prices, (4) cancel, suspend, extend or reschedule the sale of an individual item, lot, auction, and/or auction. In the event a seller withdraws an item from this auction prior to the close of the auction, the auctioneer may hibernation leave the item on the catalog and buy the item back on behalf of the seller to establish the auctioneers earned commission and the. Closing: the auctioneers online auctions are designed to mimic traditional live actions. . For this reason, this auction will have a staggered, dynamic closing. Staggered Closing : This online auction will automatically begin to close at a rate of five items per minute, every minute. . Items closing times may be extended past their scheduled closing time, however, as a result of the auctioneers dynamic closing feature.

Placing your bidder number in the price field you must immediately contact the auctioneer by email. Reports of bidding errors must be made via e-mail ; phone reports will not be accommodated. Timeliness of Bidding Error Reports: If you make a bidding error during this auction, you must identify and report the error before the auction begins to close. The auctioneer will not undo bidding errors reported after the auction has begun to close. Bidders Duty to report Fraud: you are responsible for all bids made from your account. . If you believe that an unauthorized person has gained access to your account, you must notify the auctioneer immediately by sending an e-mail. . you must also report the incident to the relevant law enforcement authorities and send the auctioneer a copy of any resulting police report. . you understand and agree that if you do not promptly report any suspected fraud to the auctioneer and to the relevant law enforcement authorities, you will be held personally responsible for all purchases made using your account and bidder number.

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small rattan writing desk

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You agree that your failure to inspect or otherwise become fully informed about the items offered for sale in this auction will not be grounds for a refusal to pay amounts due to the auctioneer nor for any claim against the auctioneer. warranty and condition of items sold: all lots and items are sold as is, where is, with all faults, and with no express or implied warranties. . this sale iale to the business community of equipment and inventory without any express or implied warranties. . no action taken by the auctioneer or its agents is intended to create any express or implied warrany as to any lot or item in this sale. . the auctioneer specifically disclaims any express or implied warranties including, but not limited to, any warranty of merchantability, fitness foarticular use, conformity with environmental laws or requirements, non-infringement, accuracy, title, or any other statutory or common law warranty. .

it is believed that all descriptions are accurate descriptions are not guaraunteed. When you have been Outbid: If you are outbid during the course of this auction, you will be notified by email. . you can review your bids at any time using the auctioneers review Bids feature; items on which you have been outbid will be clearly marked. Reporting Bidding Errors: you should carefully review every bid you choose to make before submitting that bid. The auctioneer will not automatically assume that any bid even a bid that increases your own, lower bid was made in error. . Many bidders routinely increase their own bids to price an item out of the reach of other bidders. If you mistakenly increase your own bid at any time during the auction, or make some aai other bidding error (e.g.

you agree not to use any hardware, software, program, or system that would interfere with the orderly conduct of this sale. . you further agree not to copy, reproduce, or publically display any content from the auctioneers website without first obtaining written permission from the auctioneer. Bidders Duty to Inspect and Investigate: you acknowledge that the auctioneer is providing you with the opportunity to inspect the items being offered for sale in this auction. . The auctioneer strongly encourages you to attend the scheduled inspection for this auction, which will take place. Wednesday, february 5th from 9:00.

If you choose not to attend the scheduled inspection and are in doubt about the condition, completeness or suitability of a given item, please bid accordingly. Photographs and Descriptions :  The auctioneer regularly posts item descriptions and photographs to aid bidders in the bidding process, and we make every effort to ensure that the descriptions and photographs that we post accurately represent the items being offered for sale. . In some photographs, multiple items may appear to be joined as a single unit, however you should not assume that a lot consists of more than one item simply because various items appear connected or are featured in the same photograph. . Also understand that, on occasion, the wrong photograph may be displayed for a given item. At all times, you are bidding on items as they are described on this website, not as they appear in any photograph. Choose wisely :  we want everyone to get a good deal and most will.  However, when you bid on the wrong item or decide an item is not suited for your intended use, our clients will not assume the cost of your mistakes.

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If you do not follow the procedures discussed in this paragraph, the auctioneer will be unable to consider identifying you as exempt from taxation, essay and you will have to apply directly to the applicable state for a refund. . Please also note that, depending on the state whose sales tax applies, submission of the auctioneers tax exempt form may not be sufficient to entitle you to tax-exempt status. . Please review the form and its contents carefully, and contact the auctioneer with any questions you may have. Deposit: In order for the auctioneer to process your winning bid, we must have a working Visa or MasterCard associated with your account. . After you have registered for this online auction, the auctioneer will authorize the credit card you have placed on file for 100. . This 100 deposit is not a charge, only an authorization hold; if you decide not to make any bids during this auction, or if none of your bids are successful, the auctioneer will not take any money from your account, and the authorization hold. Bidders Duty to Update Information: Whether you are a new or returning professional bidder, you agree that if any of the information associated with your bidder number including contact information and credit card information changes at any time prior to, during, or after this sale, you. Conduct of Sale: All deposits, bids, and credits in this sale will be made in United States Dollars. .

small rattan writing desk

Registration: to gain access to the auctioneers bidding system, you will need to register and obtain a bidder number. . you must be eighteen years old or older to register. . you agree that all information that you provide during the registration process will be true and accurate. . you will be banned from participation in the auctioneers auctions indefinitely should you provide any presentation false information during the registration process. Applying for Tax-Exempt Status: Some bidders may be exempt from payment of applicable taxes. . If you wish to apply for tax-exempt status, you must submit a completed copy of the auctioneers tax-exempt form prior to this auctions closing. . you can find the form here. . Please note that the auctioneer requires bidders to submit a new tax-exempt form for every sale. . Once you have completed your tax-exempt form, please e-mail the form to so that we can review your information.

relationship between you (the bidder) and. Rasmus Auctioneers, Inc., auctions in Hawaii, cal Auctions, jennings Auction Group, and jlr auctions (collectively, the auctioneer). . Throughout these terms and Conditions, the terms auctioneer, we, us, and our will refer to the auctioneer, and the terms you and your will refer to the bidder. If you want to bid in this online auction, you will first have to certify that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and Conditions. . Such certification will function as your legal and binding electronic signature. . If you choose to make this certification, the terms and Conditions will become binding both on you and on the auctioneer, and all parties will be expected to abide by the terms and Conditions if any issues arise in connection with this sale. Please read these terms and Conditions carefully! They contain important information about the online auction itself and your rights and responsibilities as a bidder.

Antique, dresser with 3 Drawers, 2 review doors with bakelite handles and mounted Tall Mirror, White Provincial Tall Dresser with Matching Desk and Nightstand, White 2 door Storage cabinet, Black Frigidaire Electric Stove, mid-size chest Freezer, Small Chest Freezer, vacuums, laundry sink. Terms of sale, this is an internet only auction! Auction closing date: Thursday february 6th beginning at 10:37. Pst Bidding closes the first item at 10:37. Pst then closes 5 items per minute thereafter to the last item in catalog order. Inspect: Wednesday february 5th 9am to 1pm pst. Removal: Friday february 7th 9am to 3pm pst.

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Exit Sign, Fresh Cigars Sign, ofa gate sign, wildlife management Area sign, pepsi picnic cooler, coca cola push Bar, wooden double sided Coca cola Crate Ends (nos old Bottle caps - kist, wink, coke, howdy root beer and Pepsi, wooden Crates, pabst Blue ribbon Light. 7' michelin Banner, castrol Cans, singer Handy oiler, walk/Don't Walk signals, license Plates, world Globe in wooden Floor Model Stand and Table top Version, sunburst Wall Clock, vintage table top Radios, hard cover Radio handbook, old Typewriters, galvanized pails, Brass Umbrella holder, Brass Artilleray shell. Large dish Set royal Worcester "Valencia partial Set of haviland including tea pot, Small Hammersley tea set - victorian violets, silver Plate Chafing Dish with White and Blue plate, transferware Platters, Plates and Bowls, English Hunt Scene Plate, winston Churchill and royalty Plates, tall Art. Star Wars toy figurines - several sizes Some new in Package, star Wars pez, super Mario figure, viewmaster Smurf Theatre, tin Lithographed Freight hauler Truck, old Tin Wind Up Car, Small Tin Police car and Yellow Car, tin jeep, tonka crane, farm toys include: John. Large panoramic Picture of "G" Company 18th Battalion London Ontario 1915, early Stratford Trophy, 2 Different rcaf wing Pins, military buttons, 2 Early Scrape books short Mostly depicting World Travels, quantity of Stratford Related books including: First Stage by tom Patterson, backstage at Stratford, renown. Unique 3 Sided, antique, bay window Converted with Display shelves, mid Century modern Square dining Table made by honderich with 3 leaves and 6 Chairs-Has Matching 4 Drawer Small Server, round Single pedestal Dark finish Dining Table and 4 Chairs, turn Legged Drop leaf Table. 6' modern Store counter with Sliding door Storage and 3 Drawers, wooden Plant Pedestals, tilt oval Top Table with Inlay, drop leaf Single pedestal Side table, nesting Tables, side tables, ball and Claw foot Parlour Table, magazine tables, double Drawer Curved Side hall Table, wooden.

small rattan writing desk
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