Thesis about marine transportation

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thesis about marine transportation

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Joint Publication 5-00.1 - joint Doctrine for Campaign Planning cjcs guide 3500.04 - universal joint Task list Requirements Document joint Warfighting Center Pam 1 - pamphlet for Future joint Operations Marine corps Doctrinal Pub (mcdp) 1-2, campaigning The joint Staff Officer's guide (aka pub 1). Army war College course of Action Analysis within an Effects-Based Operational Context ( local copy ), report by senglaub, sandia national Labs, nov 2001 Campaign Design for Winning the war. And the peace, by lessard, in Parameters, summer 2005 The recogition-Primed Decision Model ( local copy ), by ross et al, in Military review, jul-Aug 2004 "Klein,. Militellio, and Carolyn. Zsambok show that skilled decisionmakers usually generate a good coa course of action on their first try. Raab replicated this finding, extending it to show that when skilled decisionmakers abandon their initial coa in favor of a later one, the subsequent coas quality is significantly lower than the first one." Discriminate Use of Force ( local copy ), july 2003 report. And how they fit together Communicating Intent and Imparting Presence ( local copy ), by Shattuck, in Military review, mar-Apr 2000 Flexible deterrent Options (FDOs) deterrent options - (from dod dictionary) A course of action, developed on the best economic, diplomatic, political, and military judgment. (In constructing an operation plan, a range of options should be presented to effect deterrence.

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See also campaign plan. Campaign plan - (from dod generation dictionary) A plan for a series of related military operations aimed at accomplishing a strategic or operational objective within a given time and space. See also campaign; campaign planning. Campaign planning life - (from dod dictionary) The process whereby combatant commanders and subordinate joint force commanders translate national or theater strategic and operational concepts through the development of campaign plans. Campaign planning may begin during deliberate planning when the actual threat, national guidance, and available resources become evident, but is normally not completed until after the national Command Authorities select the course of action during crisis action planning. Campaign planning is conducted when contemplated military operations exceed the scope of a single major joint operation. See also campaign; campaign plan. Universal joint Task list - (from dod dictionary) A menu of capabilities (mission-derived tasks with associated conditions and standards,. E., the tools) that may be selected by a joint force commander to accomplish the assigned mission. Once identified as essential to mission accomplishment, the tasks are reflected within the command joint mission essential task list.

Comparative strategic Culture, by Gray, in Parameters, winter 1984 "The purpose of this article is to examine a three-part proposition The concept of strategic culture is a useful tool for better understanding ourselves, others, and summary how others view. Just as cultural awareness can enlighten, so the "fog of culture" can restrict understanding. Restricted understanding of the strategic culture of others can be very dangerous for international peace and security. Operational Art see also Strategic Art above see also campaign Planning below see also kipp article on Military Theory page operational art (from dod dictionary) The employment of military forces to attain strategic and/or operational objectives through the design, organization, integration, and conduct of strategies. Operational art translates the joint force commander's strategy into operational design and, ultimately, tactical action, by integrating the key activities at all levels of war. Operational Art Primer ( local copy ), by Sweeney, us naval War College, thoughts on the Operational Art ( local copy ), marine corps Warfighting Laboratory, oct 2006 a systemic Concept for Operational Design ( local copy ), by Schmitt, marine corps Warfighting Laboratory, 2006. Jcs operational Art briefing ( local copy ) Military history and the Study of Operational Art ( local copy ), by vego, in joint Force quarterly, 2nd Qtr, 2010 Operational Art briefing, by vego, naval War College - many useful models and charts ( local. By vego, in naval Institute Proceedings, july 2002 Operational Warfare ( local copy ), briefing from joint Forces Staff College - "describes the principles associated with the Operational level of Warfare and Campaigning" - includes case study slides on Operation chromite, the assault on Inchon-seoul.

thesis about marine transportation

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Second, by its nature strategy is more demanding of the intellect and perhaps imagination than any structurally more simple activity-policy, operations, tactics, or logistics for prominent examples. Third, it is extraordinarily difficult review to train competent strategists, let alone outstanding ones. Fourth, strategy is extraordinarily difficult to conduct with consistent excellence because of the unique physical and moral burdens it puts on would-be strategists. Fifth, it is worth citing what Clausewitz termed friction, although the previous point can be seen as encompassing aspects of this phenomenon. Friction is not unique to the strategic realm, but it is likely to be uniquely pervasive and debilitating in its cumulative effect in that realm. Finally, success in strategy calls for a quality of judgment that cannot be taught. Strategic performance is inescapable. The quip that you may not be interested in strategy, but strategy is interested in you, refers to an enduring truth. The only alternative to good strategic performance is fair or poor strategic performance, not no strategic performance.

Strategic discussion, by contrast, should consider what difference the use, or threat of use, of force would make to the course of events. There is a sense in which all levels of conflict have strategic features, as Edward Luttwak states persuasively. A holistic approach is correct. A vision of a politically desirable condition should inspire policy choices supported by a strategy that makes good use of operational competence founded on tactical excellence. Why is strategy difficult to achieve, let alone sustain? With some grateful borrowing and adaptation from Clausewitz, i find six connected reasons. First, competence in strategy requires mastery of a challenging complexity.

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thesis about marine transportation

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Desired end states and strategic outcomes derive from the national interests and are variously defined in terms of writing physical security, economic well-being, and the promotion of values. Strategic art, broadly defined, is therefore: The skillful formulation, coordination, and application of ends (objectives ways (courses of action and means (supporting resources) to promote and defend the national interests. From the abstract "The nation cannot afford uncoordinated approaches among the domains of strategy-military, economic, diplomatic, or informational-which often manifest themselves as institutional and bureaucratic barriers to unity of thought and action. Political and military leaders must work closely, interacting on desired end states, objectives, courses of action, capabilities, and risks. Both must be masters of strategic art, and the subordination of military to civilian leadership does not lessen the importance of military counsel and advice to political authorities or the responsibilities of both to communicate and coordinate at every level of strategy and during all. This is the essence of strategic art." The digital General: Reflections on leadership in the post-Information Age, by harig, in Parameters, autumn 1996 One of the particular ironies of the Information Age is that the shifts in expectations and perceptions cataloged here may create and. Yet, these transformations also could supply a hubris for the digital general because they make it more difficult to shift from the operational to the strategic level of leadership.

In the worst case, an officer corps mesmerized by high technology could produce a generation of senior leaders that is so insecure without their computer models and decision systems that they could not step beyond them. That could have dire consequences: Reluctance to "break out of the box" death of the metaphor fear of risk and error jlass: Educating Future leaders in Strategic and Operational Art ( local copy ), by hyde and everett, in joint Force quarterly The Army's Advanced. Gray, in joint Force quarterly "my key argument is organized around three reasons why it is difficult to do strategy well its very nature, which endures through time and in all contexts the multiplicity and sheer variety of sources of friction it is planned for. Gray, in joint Force quarterly The virtue of Clausewitzs definition of strategy is that it is crystal clear on the distinction between its subject and other matters. Specifically, strategy is the use of engagements for the object of the war. What may be called the strategy test applied to behavior reduces usefully to the question so what? Tactical discussion should focus on what force, or the threat of force, did or might have done.

Sill, ok air and Missile defense battle lab, Ft Bliss, tx combat Service support Battle lab,. Lee, va air Maneuver Battle lab (ambl),. Rucker, al space and Missile defense command Future warfare center (FWC), huntsville, al; Colorado Springs,.; and Arlington, va "The future warfare center (FWC) was formed by combining the smdc force development and Integration Center, the Space and Missile defense battle lab, and the Information. Leonard wood, mo army Special Operations Battle lab (arsobl. Bragg, nc battle lab Integration, technology concepts Directorate,. Monroe, va installation Battle lab (IBL), construction Engineering Research Laboratory (cerl champaign, il army national guard Battle lab.

Army communications-Electronics Command (cecom). Army futures Center, tradoc,. Monroe, va futures development Integration Center (fdic. Huachuca, az note: site no longer available Army team C4isr,. Monmouth, nj combat Training Centers (CTCs),. Leavenworth, ks navy maritime battle center, newport, ri sea-based Battle lab (sbbl), uss coronado, "Command and Control in the pacific" Space and naval Warfare systems Command (spawar) naval Postgraduate School (NPS), monterey, ca naval Air Warfare center Training Systems division (nawc tsd), orlando, fl marine. Com see also doctrine page, especially marine mcdps Strategic Art see also strategy models and criticisms on military theory page see also strategic thinking on thinking skills page see also operational art below Schools for Strategy: teaching Strategy for 21st Century conflict ( local copy. Strategic art entails the orchestration of all the instruments of national power to yield specific, well-defined end states.

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Air Force Expeditionary center (formerly known as Air Mobility warfare center) Air Force command and Control Training and Innovation Group (AFC2tig hurlburt field, fl electronic Systems Center (ESC), hanscom afb, ma "usaf's leading center for the the development of command and control systems" Air Force Global. Air Force warfare center, nellis afb, nv space Innovation and development Center (sidc), formerly Space warfare center (SWC) Space battlelab, schriever afb, co air Force counterproliferation Center, maxwell afb, al research and education about wmd threats and counterproliferation; missile threats; and counterterrorism Checkmate Strategic and. In short, the air Staffs source of trained, innovative, report forward-thinking Air and Space power strategists. Army Army battle labs Unit of Action Maneuver Battle lab,. Knox, ky soldier Battle lab (SBL),. Benning, ga battle command Battle labs Battle command Battle lab,. Gordon, ga battle command Battle lab,. Leavenworth, ks battle command Battle lab,. Huachuca, az - "provides vertical and horizontal integration for Intelligence, surveillance, and Reconnaissance support to Information Operations" Depth simultaneous Attack battle lab,.

thesis about marine transportation

Battle labs and related resources Note : Organizations listed below are from several essay sources, including the federated Battle lab list and service-specific lists of battle labs Combined Combined Federated Battle lab (cfbl) In April 1999, the United States made a proposal to the nato. Organizers developed a concept for the cfbl that builds on the coalition Wide Area network that has been established each year for the coalition Warfare Interoperability demonstration (cwid). The concept calls for the establishment of a year-round network for research, development, test, and evaluation (rdt e) that operates at a combined Secret Releasable accreditation level. The lab will develop coalition interoperability, doctrine, procedures, and protocols that can be transitioned to operational coalition networks in future contingencies. Other sources of info about cfbl national joint joint Systems Integration Command, formerly known as the joint Battle center (jbc suffolk, va joint C4isr decision Support Center (DSC), osd, pentagon joint Information Operations Center (jioc), formerly joint Command and Control Warfare center (JC2wc formerly joint. Huachuca, az joint National Integration Center (jnic), colorado Springs, co osd/ddr e, director of Defense research engineering, pentagon socom, tampa, fl joint Communication Support Element (jcse), macDill afb, fl osd advanced Concept Technology demonstrations (actd) Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (darpa) darpa/disa advanced Information Technology. Air Mobility battle lab, fort Dix, nj - part.

quadrennial Defense review (QDR) Reports, title 10, section 118 of the United States Code specifies: The secretary of Defense shall every four years, during a year following a year evenly divisible by four, conduct a comprehensive examination (to be known. Each such quadrennial defense review shall be conducted in consultation with the Chairman of the joint Chiefs of Staff. Qdr legislation was amended by the 2003 National Defense authorization Act, which stipulated that the due date for the report is in the year following the year in which the review is conducted, but not later than the date on which the President submits the. Dod qdr page,. Air Force qdr page see also, state dept quadrennial Diplomacy and development review (qddr), 2010, the qdr in Perspective: meetings Americas National Security needs in the 21st Century, july 2010. The final report of the quadrennial Defense review Independent Panel is a compilation of findings and recommendations based on its assessment of the department of Defenses 2010 quadrennial Defense review (QDR). 2010 quadrennial Defense review (QDR) Report ( local copy ) 2006 quadrennial Defense review (QDR) Report ( local copy ) 2001 quadrennial Defense review (QDR) Report ( local copy ) 1997 quadrennial Defense review (QDR) Report ( local copy ) 1997 qdr associated files, press.

What is joint Interdependence Anyway? ( local copy ), by paparone, in, military review, jul-Aug 2004,. Organization in Action, james. Thompson describes three types of interdependence (from the least to the most complicated pooled interdependence, where report separate organizations, which perform adequately on their own, might fail if one or more of the others fail. Sequential interdependence, which is linear like a supply chain or assembly line. One unit in the chain produces something necessary for the next unit, and so forth. Reciprocal interdependence, where the output of one organization becomes the input for others and vice versa.

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People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. george Orwell, i am therefore of the opinion that when a democratic people engages in a war after a long peace, it incurs much from more risk of defeat than any other nation; but it ought not easily to be cast down by its reverses. When a war has at length, by its long continuance, roused the whole community from their peaceful occupations and ruined their minor undertakings, the same passions that made them attach so much importance to the maintenance of peace will be turned to arms. War, after it has destroyed all modes of speculation, becomes itself the great and sole speculation, to which all the ardent and ambitious desires that equality engenders are exclusively directed. Hence it is that the selfsame democratic nations that are so reluctant to engage in hostilities sometimes perform prodigious achievements when once they have taken the field., democracy in America, alexis de tocqueville, section 3, chapter xxiv. Service home pages, unified Commands, issues and Planning, see also. Dod/government Strategic Plans, posture Statements, and Visions.

thesis about marine transportation
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  1. Ieee isms2018 Conference Program at a glance, session Code: 1 means tuesday afternoon before tea break. Other Time periods: am1, am2, pm1, pm2.

  2. Back to table of Contents. Participants China - 9th Army Group ccf; United States - 1st Marine division (1st, 5th, 7th & 2 battalions of the 11th Marine regiments). วิทยาลัย, an Excellent University Knowledge resource center in the region, mahidol University library and Knowledge center, หอสมุดและคลังความรู.

  3. Baxley books bibliography books Pertaining to commodore perry's Expedition to japan and okinawa and books Relating to 19th Century japan and okinawa. Technologies for Networked Security. Thales plays a leading international role in the defence, security, transportation and aerospace but it ought not easily to be cast down by its reverses.

  4. Click on a name to view that University or collection home page. Learn how to become a marine biologist. Research the education and career requirements, training information, and experience required for starting a career in marine biology. Appendix A: How to Write an Effective research Statement see related Resources for additional guidance on writing an effective research statement, preparing literature searches and reviews, and developing a research proposal.

  5. The content of the present publication contains professional assessment of all matters related to the transportation of the lng,. Liquefied natural e authors of the volume have identified nine major areas of concern and each of them has been given close attention. Shown below is a list of universities and the departments and sub-communities within them.

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