The best story my grandfather told me essay

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the best story my grandfather told me essay

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And there was a great silence. My heart began to pound, storm clouds filled the sky with darkness. Rain came and four winds blew with such anger that I held fast to a tree. I watched the four riders raise their weapons into the air. Without warning, screaming their war cry they led the attack. Down to the battle they ride.

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And when the forest did clear. I was standing on a hill. Before me there was a great plane, atoned the armies of the world, standing, waiting. I thought to myself, for whom or for what are they waiting? Suddenly a gust of wind come up from more the north. There appeared a lone rider, holding truth a sword of steel. Then from the south came another, bearing a battle axe. From the east came a third, holding a spiked club, and finally, from the west a rider who wielded a great hammer of war. With them came their soldiers of death, followed by an army of immortals. They were few in number, but the look in their eyes told all who beheld them that they would leave this day only in victory or death.

By doing this he showed his love for his country, and history itself, he would do everything to the fullest. He raised his family to the best of his ability, he was a good family man, and a hard worker that endured whatever confronted him. This is why he is my hero, because of his strength and his will to make sacrifices. Grand father, tell me a story! all right, go and get your storybook - no, no, not one of those, a real story - a real story? Tell me about when you were a boy. well, then, i shall have to take you back with me, a long way in time. It was my thirteenth year on a cold winter's day, as I walked through the enchanted forest, i heard the sounds of horses and men at arms. I felt compelled to walk on and find the place of these sounds.


the best story my grandfather told me essay

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He also told me stories about corrupt medics, who would use the morphine for recreational use, instead of saving it for the soldiers who needed. He would also tell me stories about how he and his friends would acquire food, by eating dog, tree bark, and broken up watermelon. He told me a story about when he was hungry, and he went into a territory occupied by the enemy to steal pieces of watermelon for himself and his friends. This is another example of him making sacrifices. I signed up to find adventure, like john wayne, and boy did I get it? Sometimes I think this was a dumb reason, but I respect that he was honest, and told me one reason he wanted to go to war, he also said he thought it would have been better than what he had at home. When he retired, he and my grandmother would go on many vacations, many would be to patriotic sites like gettysburg, washington dc, virginia, and even some historic sites in Canada.

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the best story my grandfather told me essay

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T talk about the war? And she said this? Caused him to have nightmares, or flashbacks? She then told him that? If you got it off your chest, it won? T be so hard on you? He told his stories to my grandmother, and then he didn?

They had five children, william, james, Charles, Thomas and Daniel. Thomas being my father. My grandpap would tell his stories to my uncles, and my father, and when I manager was about nine years old, he would tell me the stories about when he was in the war. The stories he would tell me were stories of all book kinds, many very gruesome, some funny, but all of his stories are very valuable life experiences, and I wish I would hear them all again. He would tell me about friends getting killed, by his hands, and by his friends. One particular story i liked was his story about the nactong perimeter, where he spent three months, he was given no food, the only reason the military would fly over was to drop ammunition, he said at one point during this battle, there was. Was a coffee break that was too short?

The second time he was wounded, he was shot through the legs, after this he spent more time in the hospital, and was awarded a second purple heart, because of being wounded in action. He would tell me that when he was in the hospital, he wanted to go back and get revenge, because he was wounded, and that he felt it was his duty to go back and fight. He was a very resilient person, he would shake things off like they had never even happened, in fact I think it made him mentally stronger, but he didn? T bottle it up, he had a special way of releasing his hostility. I never figured out how he could handle all these things.

He had a great deal of valor, when one of the men in his squadron was hit with scrap metal, from a hand-grenade he showed this, he kept calm, and used his shirt to stop the blood flow, this allowed the man to be saved. For his actions he was awarded the bronze star. He had been through a lot at a young age, i think this made him mature very quickly, this helped him later on in life in becoming a better person, at dealing with hardships. In 1952, the war was over and my grandfather came home from the war. In April of 1953, he married my grandmother, and they bought a house in Scott Township, pennsylvania. My grandmother told me that? When pap came home from the war, he didn?

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He would serve three chaos filled years in Korea. While in Korea, he was wounded in three different places during two different occasions. The first time he was wounded by a hand-grenade, he was hit in the head, which caused some impairment in his right eye, and he was also hit in the foot, he spent three months in a hospital where his toe was amputated. He would tell me that when you were hit? It felt hot at first, but then it would get cold? I never quite understood this sensation, because i have never experienced it, this is one of the many things he tried to teach me about war. He was awarded garden the purple heart, for getting wounded in action.

the best story my grandfather told me essay

After two years the they fell in love, and knew they were destined to be together. They would talk about marriage, and what they wanted to grow up to be, and about having children, and how many. In 1948, my grandpap enlisted into the us army, because he knew he was too young and he didn? T have enough money to get married. He knew by joining the military, it would open new doors for him. In order to sign up, he changed his birth certificate. So he said bye to his girlfriend, my grandmother, and left for basic training. In 1949, my grandpap was sent to korea. While in the military, he and my grandmother would write statement to each other, to keep their relationship in tact.

their kids. My grandfather being the oldest son, was expected to help out more, one time when he was about twelve years old, his mom told him? Bobby, go to the store, and get me some bread? Even though he did not want to go get it, he did it anyway, but as he went to get the bread, he became angry that he had to go get it, so when he got back to the house he had thrown the bread. This story has great meaning to me, because it was very rare that he would act out this extreme, especially to his mother, but this did show how he didn? T fear the consequences no matter how severe it could have been. He met my grandmother when he was twelve years old, and she was nine years old. They would go to dances, and they would enjoy each others company in the cheapest way they could, because their money was limited.

In January of 1933, my grandfather was born in the small Pennsylvania town of McKees. The second of five children, an older sister joan, and three little brothers Terrance, john, and Jerome, all to their parents Robert. Hileman and Katheryn Conolly hileman. Childhood was difficult, because it was part of this depression. When he was a kid his food was rationed, his family was only allowed so much of certain items sugar, meat, butter, and other certain things. When he was twelve years old, he got a job at a deli slicing meat, he did this to help his family out, this demonstrates that even at a young age he was willing to do whatever it took to help out what with. The cause?, or his family. His parents were very hard workers, his father was an air brake mechanic, at the. Pittsburgh and lake surgery erie railroad, he would put in long hard hours, to support his family.

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My the hero: my grandfather Essay, research Paper. My grandfather was a very loving man, he loved his family more than anything he had known. The only thing that could compare to his love for his family, was his love for his country. In his life he would have to make many sacrifices for his country, and the second would be supporting his wife and kids. He took on hardships with ease, he always had a certain calmness to him, this is something i idolize about him, i would like to learn how to act this way. S my hero because he was special, not like anyone else i have ever met, he knew he was special, but he never he never flaunted. In this essay i will try to paint a picture of my hero, and give examples of why my grandfather is my hero.

the best story my grandfather told me essay
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  1. These are examples of the best grandfather poems written by poetrysoup members. While my grandmother played with her obviously biological grandchildren, my grandfather asked me to take a walk with him. Handing me the book he told. My grandmother told me a story that once he tried to mend their microwave oven but he could not.

  2. He raised his family to the best of his ability, he was a good family man, and a hard. So, in the meantime, ill remember the story my grandfather told me a long time ago. The humanity of Truth. These best Grandfather poems are the top Grandfather poems on poetrysoup.

  3. For me my grandfather become my mentor, somebody i look up to and have the upmost respect for. The most exciting story he told was when him and. He told me a story about when he was hungry, and he went into.

  4. Number, but the look in their eyes told all. Lies, my, father, told, me, with/never Had. The story focuses upon david and his Orthodox grandfather who collects bottles, rags and old clothes.

  5. I reminded Julia that my grandfather s semi-autobiographical book, the western Mind in Transition, never mentioned anything. When she told me her story. Tell me about when you were a boy. With me, a long way in time.

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