Allama iqbal essay for youth in english

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allama iqbal essay for youth in english

Essay on allama iqbal in english for kids

Metaphysics edit cosmological and ontological arguments edit further information: Proof of the Truthful and Kalam cosmological argument avicenna 's proof for the existence of God was the first ontological argument, which he proposed in the metaphysics section of The book of healing. 19 20 This was the first attempt at using the method of a priori proof, which utilizes intuition and reason alone. Avicenna's proof of God's existence is unique in that it can be classified as both a cosmological argument and an ontological argument. "It is ontological insofar as necessary existence in intellect is the first basis for arguing for a necessary Existent". The proof is also "cosmological insofar as most of it is taken up with arguing that contingent existents cannot stand alone and must end up in a necessary Existent." 21 Distinction between essence and existence edit Islamic philosophy, imbued as it is with Islamic theology. Whereas existence is the domain of the contingent and the accidental, essence endures within a being beyond the accidental. This was first described by avicenna 's works on metaphysics, who was himself influenced by al-Farabi.

Allama iqbal essay for class

While avicenna (9801037) often relied on deductive reasoning in purpose philosophy, he fat used a different approach in medicine. Ibn Sina contributed inventively to the development of inductive logic, which he used to pioneer the idea of a syndrome. In his medical writings, avicenna was the first to describe the methods of agreement, difference and concomitant variation which are critical to inductive logic and the scientific method. 16 Ibn hazm (9941064) wrote the Scope of Logic, in which he stressed on the importance of sense perception as a source of knowledge. 17 Al-Ghazali (Algazel) (10581111) had an important influence on the use of logic in theology, making use of avicennian logic in Kalam. 14 Despite the logical sophistication of al-Ghazali, the rise of the Ash'ari school in the 12th century slowly suffocated original work on logic in much of the Islamic world, though logic continued to be studied in some Islamic regions such as Persia and the levant. Fakhr al-Din al-razi (b. 1149) criticised Aristotle's " first figure " and developed a form of inductive logic, foreshadowing the system of inductive logic developed by john Stuart Mill (18061873). Systematic refutations of Greek logic were written by the Illuminationist school, founded by Shahab al-Din Suhrawardi (11551191 who developed the idea of "decisive necessity an important innovation in the history of logical philosophical speculation. 18 and in favour of inductive reasoning.

Averroes (11261198 author of the most elaborate commentaries on Aristotelian logic, was the last major logician from al-Andalus. Avicennian logic british edit avicenna (9801037) developed his own system of logic known as "Avicennian logic" as an alternative to Aristotelian logic. By the 12th century, avicennian logic had replaced Aristotelian logic as the dominant system of logic in the Islamic world. 15 The first criticisms of Aristotelian logic were written by avicenna (9801037 who produced independent treatises on logic rather than commentaries. He criticized the logical school of Baghdad for their devotion to Aristotle at the time. He investigated the theory of definition and classification and the quantification of the predicates of categorical propositions, and developed an original theory on " temporal modal " syllogism. Its premises included modifiers such as "at all times "at most times and "at some time".

allama iqbal essay for youth in english

Essay on allama muhammad iqbal in english

Later, during the Islamic Golden Age, there was debate among Islamic philosophers, logicians and theologians over whether the term qiyas refers to analogical reasoning, inductive reasoning or categorical syllogism. Some Islamic scholars argued that qiyas refers to inductive reasoning. Ibn hazm (9941064) disagreed, arguing that qiyas does not refer to inductive reasoning but to categorical syllogistic reasoning in a real sense and analogical reasoning in a metaphorical sense. On the other hand, al-Ghazali (10581111; hotel and, in modern times, Abu muhammad Asem al-Maqdisi ) argued that qiyas refers to analogical reasoning in a real sense and categorical syllogism in a metaphorical sense. Other Islamic scholars at the time, however, argued that the term qiyas refers to both analogical reasoning and categorical syllogism in a real sense. 13 Aristotelian logic edit professional The first original Arabic writings on logic were produced by al-Kindi (Alkindus) (805873 who produced a summary on earlier logic up to his time. The first writings on logic with non-Aristotelian elements was produced by al-Farabi (Alfarabi) (873950 who discussed the topics of future contingents, the number and relation of the categories, the relation between logic and grammar, and non-Aristotelian forms of inference. 14 he is also credited for categorizing logic into two separate groups, the first being "idea" and the second being " proof ".

The works of al-Farabi, avicenna, al-Ghazali and other Muslim logicians who often criticized and corrected Aristotelian logic and introduced their own forms of logic, also played a central role in the subsequent development of European logic during the renaissance. According to the routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy : "For the Islamic philosophers, logic included not only the study of formal patterns of inference and their validity but also elements of the philosophy of language and even of epistemology and metaphysics. Because of territorial disputes with the Arabic grammarians, Islamic philosophers were very interested in working out the relationship between logic and language, and they devoted much discussion to the question of the subject matter and aims of logic in relation to reasoning and speech. In the area of formal logical analysis, they elaborated upon the theory of terms, propositions and syllogisms as formulated in Aristotle's Categories, de interpretatione and Prior Analytics. In the spirit of Aristotle, they considered the syllogism to be the form to which all rational argumentation could be reduced, and they regarded syllogistic theory as the focal point of logic. Even poetics was considered as a syllogistic art in some fashion by most of the major Islamic Aristotelians." Important developments made by muslim logicians included the development of "Avicennian logic" as a replacement of Aristotelian logic. Avicenna 's system of logic was responsible for the introduction of hypothetical syllogism, temporal modal logic and inductive logic. Other important developments in early Islamic philosophy include the development of a strict science of citation, the isnad or "backing and the development of a method to disprove claims, the ijtihad, which was generally applied to many types of questions. Logic in Islamic law and theology edit early forms of analogical reasoning, inductive reasoning and categorical syllogism were introduced in Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence sharia (Islamic law) and Kalam (Islamic theology) from the 7th century with the process of qiyas, before the Arabic translations of Aristotle's.

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allama iqbal essay for youth in english

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End of summary the classical period edit by the 12th century, kalam, attacked by both the philosophers and the orthodox, perished for lack of champions. At the same time, however, falsafa came under serious critical scrutiny. The most devastating attack came from Al-Ghazali, whose work tahafut al-Falasifa ( The Incoherence of the Philosophers ) attacked the main arguments of the peripatetic School. 12 averroes, maimonides ' contemporary, was one of the last of the Islamic Peripatetics and set out to defend the views of the falsafa against al-Ghazali's criticism. The theories of Ibn Rushd do not differ fundamentally from those of Ibn Bajjah and Ibn Tufail, who only follow the teachings of avicenna and Al-Farabi. Like all Islamic Peripatetics, averroes admits the hypothesis of the intelligence of the spheres and the hypothesis of universal emanation, through which motion is communicated from place to place to all parts of the universe as far as the supreme world—hypotheses which, in diet the mind. But while Al-Farabi, avicenna, and other Persian and Muslim philosophers hurried, so to speak, over subjects that trenched on traditional beliefs, Ibn Rushd delighted in dwelling upon them with full particularity and stress.

Thus he says, "Not only is matter eternal, but form is potentially inherent in matter; otherwise, it were a creation ex nihilo " (Munk, "Mélanges. . According to this theory, therefore, the existence of this world is not only a possibility, as avicenna declared, but also a necessity. Main article: Logic in Islamic philosophy In early Islamic philosophy, logic played an important role. Islamic law placed importance on formulating standards of argument, which gave rise to a novel approach to logic in Kalam, but this approach was later displaced by ideas from Greek philosophy and Hellenistic philosophy with the rise of the mu'tazili philosophers, who highly valued Aristotle. The works of Hellenistic-influenced Islamic philosophers were crucial in the reception of Aristotelian logic in medieval Europe, along with the commentaries on the Organon by averroes.

The mu'tazilites looked in towards a strict rationalism with which to interpret Islamic doctrine. Their attempt was one of the first to pursue a rational theology in Islam. They were however severely criticized by other Islamic philosophers, both Maturidis and Asharites. The great Asharite scholar fakhr ad-Din ar-razi wrote the work Al-Mutakallimin fi 'ilm al-Kalam against the mutazalites. In later times, kalam was used to mean simply "theology.

The duties of the heart as opposed to (or in conjunction with) fiqh (jurisprudence the duties of the body. 11 Falsafa edit falsafa is a greek loanword meaning "philosophy" (the Greek pronunciation philosophia became falsafa ). From the 9th century onward, due to caliph al-ma'mun and his successor, ancient Greek philosophy was introduced among the arabs and the peripatetic School began to find able representatives. Among them were Al-Kindi, al-Farabi, avicenna and averroes. Another trend, represented by the Brethren of Purity, used Aristotelian language to expound a fundamentally neoplatonic and neopythagorean world view. During the Abbasid caliphate, a number of thinkers and scientists, some of them heterodox Muslims or non-Muslims, played a role in transmitting Greek, hindu and other pre-Islamic knowledge to the Christian West. They contributed to making Aristotle known in Christian Europe. Three speculative thinkers, Al-Farabi, avicenna and Al-Kindi, combined Aristotelianism and neoplatonism with other ideas introduced through Islam.

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There were attempts by later philosopher-theologians at harmonizing both trends, notably by Ibn Sina (Avicenna) who founded the school of avicennism, ibn Rushd (Averroës) who founded the school of averroism, and others such as Ibn al-haytham (Alhacen) and Abū rayhān al-Bīrūnī. Kalam edit main article: Kalam Ilm al-Kalām ( Arabic : ) is the philosophy that seeks Islamic theological principles through dialectic. In Arabic, the word literally means "speech". 10 One of first debates was that between partisans of the qadar ( meaning "Fate who affirmed free will ; and the jabarites ( meaning "force "constraint who believed in fatalism. At the 2nd century of the hijra, a new movement arose in the theological school of Basra, iraq. A pupil of Hasan of Basra, wasil ibn Ata, left the group when he disagreed with his teacher on whether a muslim who has committed a major sin invalidates professional his faith. He systematized the radical opinions of preceding sects, particularly those of the qadarites and Jabarites. This new school was called mu'tazilite (from i'tazala, to separate oneself).

allama iqbal essay for youth in english

The popular Salafist website fo (supervised by Shaykh Muhammad saalih al-Munajjid of saudi Arabia ) declares philosophy to be an "alien week entity the terminology of Islamic philosophy did not emerge as a branch of knowledge that is taught in the curriculum of Islamic studies until. But the fact of the matter is that philosophy is an alien entity in the body of Islam. 6 The fatwa claims that "the majority of fuqaha experts in fiqh have stated that it is haraam to study philosophy, and lists some of these: Ibn Nujaym (Hanafi) writing in al-Ashbaah wal-nazaaim; al-Dardeer (Maaliki) said in al-Sharh al-Kabeer; Al-Dasooqi in his haashiyah (2/174 zakariya. 7 6 maani hammad al-Juhani, (a member of the consultative council and General Director, world Assembly of Muslim youth) 8 is"d as declaring that because philosophy does not follow the moral guidelines of the sunnah, "philosophy, as defined by the philosophers, is one. 9 6 Ibn Abi al-izz, a commentator on al-Tahhaawiyyah, condemns philosophers as the ones who "most deny the last day and its events. In their view Paradise and Hell are no more than parables for the masses to understand, but they have no reality beyond peoples minds." 6 Early Islamic philosophy edit main article: Early Islamic philosophy An Arabic manuscript from the 13th century depicting Socrates (Soqrāt). The first is Kalam, which mainly dealt with Islamic theological questions, and the other is Falsafa, which was founded on interpretations of Aristotelianism and neoplatonism.

may have a totally different meaning from "reason" in philosophy. The historiography of Islamic philosophy is marked by disputes as to how the subject should be properly interpreted. Some of the key issues involve the comparative importance of eastern intellectuals such as Ibn Sina (Avicenna) and of western thinkers such as Ibn Rushd, 4 and also whether Islamic philosophy can be read at face value or should be interpreted in an esoteric fashion. Supporters of the latter thesis, like leo strauss, maintain that Islamic philosophers wrote so as to conceal their true meaning in order to avoid religious persecution, but scholars such as Oliver leaman disagree. 5 Formative influences edit Islamic philosophy as the name implies refers to philosophical activity within the Islamic milieu. The main sources of classical or early Islamic philosophy are the religion of Islam itself (especially ideas derived and interpreted from the quran ) and Greek philosophy which the early muslims inherited as a result of conquests, along with pre-Islamic Indian philosophy and Persian philosophy. Many of the early philosophical debates centered around reconciling religion and reason, the latter exemplified by Greek philosophy. Opposition to philosophy edit some muslims oppose the idea of philosophy as un-Islamic.

Interest in desk Islamic philosophy revived during the nahda awakening movement in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and continues to the present day. Contents Introduction edit by way of introduction Islamic philosophy refers to philosophy produced in an Islamic society. Islamic philosophy is a generic term that can be defined and used in different ways. In its broadest sense it means the world view of Islam, as derived from the Islamic texts concerning the creation of the universe and the will of the Creator. In another sense it refers to any of the schools of thought that flourished under the Islamic empire or in the shadow of the Arab-Islamic culture and Islamic civilization. In its narrowest sense it is a translation of Falsafa, meaning those particular schools of thought that most reflect the influence of Greek systems of philosophy such as neoplatonism and Aristotelianism. It is not necessarily concerned with religious issues, nor exclusively produced by muslims. 3 Nor do all schools of thought within Islam admit the usefulness or legitimacy of philosophical inquiry.

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In the religion of, islam, two words are sometimes translated as philosophy — falsafa (literally: "philosophy which refers to philosophy as well as logic, mathematics, and physics ; 1 and, kalam (literally "speech which refers to a rationalist form of Islamic philosophy and theology based. Neoplatonism as developed by medieval Muslim philosophers. Islamic philosophy has also been described as the systematic investigation of problems connected with life, the universe, ethics, medicine, science, society, and so on as conducted in slogan the medieval, muslim world from, persian avicenna, al-Biruni, al-Farabi, al-Ghazali, khayyam, khwarizmi, al-razi, suhrawardi arab ( al-Kindi, al-Ashari. Early Islamic philosophy began in the 2nd century ah of the Islamic calendar (early 9th century ce ) and lasted until the 6th century ah (late 12th century ce). The period is known as the golden Age of Islam, and the achievements of this period had a crucial influence on the development of modern philosophy and science in the western world ; for Renaissance europe, the influence represented from the Islamic Golden Age was. 2 This period began with al-Kindi in the 9th century and ended with averroes (Ibn Rushd) at the end of 12th century. The death of averroes effectively marked the end of a particular discipline of Islamic philosophy usually called the peripatetic Arabic School, and philosophical activity declined significantly in Western Islamic countries such as Islamic Iberia and North Africa. Islamic philosophy persisted for much longer in the eastern countries, in particular Persia, ottoman Empire and India, where several schools of philosophy continued to flourish: avicennism, averroism, illuminationist philosophy, mystical philosophy, and Transcendent theosophy. Ibn Khaldun, in his Muqaddimah, made important contributions to the philosophy of history.

allama iqbal essay for youth in english
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