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rails resume

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Built out a restful web api for user-facing and administrative applications. Created and maintained Docker containers for various services. October 20: Front-end Engineer at, venmo, worked with a small team to create improved signup and invite flows that significantly raised conversion rates. Initiated an incremental modernization of web stack, migrating from Backbone to react. Helped maintain an existing monolithic web application. June 2013 - august 2013: Software Engineer at, tutorspree, worked with sales staff educational consultants to build and improve internal tools. Implemented a responsive redesign of the site from psd mockups other work, many open source personal projects, including. Manygolf, a massively multiplayer golf game.

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Rails: Worked on mature rails applications with a large legacy codebase. Worked with less and sass in production. Built statically-typed projects with TypeScript flow. Various databases: worked with Postgres, redis, and Mongodb in production. Experienced with test-driven development and continuous integration practices. Experienced with Git, both in the context of large open statement source projects and internal repositories. Worked with Docker, including contributing to docker-compose employment history, september 20: Software Engineer at, harry's, continued building new react redux applications, including a complete overhaul of the profile section of m, with complex animation and design implementation. Maintained backend logic for a mature rails application. Introduced new tools (including Webpack and Yarn) into a mature application, and taught usage to team. July 20: Software Engineer at, ledgerX, built multiple complex react redux applications from scratch. Created Node and Python microservices handling collecting and storing time series data from third-party services.

Worked as a java software Engineer on the srcss project - a deployable command support system, used by the australian Army Special Forces in their counter terrorism and special recovery roles, that allows optimal planning through assimilating presenting information about the Special Force situation. I worked in a team of 6-10 developers, mainly focusing on the areas of graphics and. Palm integration but working on almost every aspect of the application including networking, database integration, xml, and sketch recognition. Thomas boyt's resumé skills, building ambitious web applications using a variety of tools. Languages frameworks, front-end javascript: Production applications using react, redux, and Flux. Also familiar with Ember and Angular. Back-end javascript: Production applications using Node and Express. Python: Various production applications using Tornado, flask, and Django, in both eksempel Python 2 and.

rails resume

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The project is completely java based and my major essay tasks were associated with the administration section of the project, including creating a graphical library floorplan designer implemented as a java applet. Technologies involved included jboss for the application server, mysql for the database and extensive use of ejbs and xslt to produce pages on the fly from xml. Recruited from Australia for a fixed term contract in the. Worked as a java developer on the development of hi-q's lh decision support product, supporting electricity trading in the. The application is a client/server system utilising both Oracle and TeraData databases receiving huge volumes of data from several data feeds and converting them to easily understandable graphs and charts in real time. During my time at hi-q i also instigated several efficiency measures such as creating a standard framework for new charts decreasing development time, restructuring the codebase, introdcing automated JUnit unit testing, javadoc summary and an internal. Wiki to improve documentation on the system.

Initially completed an 18 month project based on the gold coast, converting an international web site from asp to J2EE / Struts, including work on backend batch processing. Worked on site at, suncorp in the Brisbane cbd on a number of Agile projects. The main project was a print/email/fax gateway web service to be used by other applications at Suncorp so quality was critical. All production code was written with pair Programming utilizing Test Driven development and 100 unit test coverage. The project made use of Struts, Scriptura, spring, hibernate, xmlBeans, Axis, jmock, groovy, slide. In this project I have been able to bring a number of productivity improvements to the team, through the development of custom plugins for Intellij idea and techniques I have introduced such as automocking and autoboundary which have simplified the codebase and reduced repetition. Worked remotely from the kimberleys on the. Dirbs project, a 3d virtual library web application for visualization of rare books.

Rails, online Training with project and 100

rails resume

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When I pass some exams, i'll note here. San Francisco, ca, senior Associate, research Department. Quantitative investment research programming. Designed and developed portfolio analysis software for taxable accounts. Program calculated tax impact of hypothetical trades. 400 million (5/99) invested in strategy. Established technology infrastructure of the research department, including.

C object libraries, a generic application framework, and data warehouses of global financial data. Conducted research on currency hedging, tactical asset allocation, and stock selection. 1999, consultant to mizo Asset Allocation Department. Gathered requirements, designed, and wrote a global asset allocation performance reporting system, using PowerBuilder and Sybase. Conducted an exhaustive functional requirement analysis and process inventory for global asset allocation. Contracted to work onsite for clients of asert and writing courseware and J2ee examples for asert's training courses.

I learn myself c and wrote many small utilities and programs in past. Many small programs and utilities for my own use or for use in work. So i know C wery good, but in daily administration i use scripting languages. At some moments I look in these languages and learn myself the basic. I activelly use bash and also ruby in my daily work, and i underestand Perl.

For developing web applications i use ruby on rails. I activelly use it to write documentation as you can see. Certificates, tests, passed Exams: passed Mensa's admittance test. Userid s20U130013, authentication Code docbook - inteligentí tvorba dokumentace (creating documentation intelligently) lnx03 - bezpečnost os linux (Linux Security course) iss01 - správa smtp serveru (Administering smtp server) forwardLine, osvědčení 457/2004, kurz pro interní auditory čsn en iso 9001:2001, čsn en iso 19011:2003 forwardLine, osvědčení. Dle požadavků iso 9001:2000. Témata kurzu: čsn en iso 9001:2001 čsn en iso 19011:2003 Samostatné řešení modelových situací successfully completed lxic course (101 sair linux Linux Installation configuration) Certification will be planed for this year. May be not sair but lpi. forensic analysis workshop - analýza linuxových systémů po jejich napadení hackerem lnx03 / linux - pokročilá správa sítí (Advanced Network Administration) i study in Cisco networking Academy, the class is located in (Military Academy in Brno, air Force and Air Defence faculty).

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Daily shmoop reading is must. So i think my English is well. Russian: learn many years in school great but never use it in real world. Forget most. German: i underestand very basic things. In my spare time i'm learning Spanish. Computer skills and languages: In school I learned Fortran, pascal, basic. I never use it practically, except Pascal. For emkam i wrote some data conversion programs in TurboPascal.

rails resume

Few times I meaning rewrote it from scratch. Now the programming work is done by my colegue. Through the time i moved away from the programming and concentrate only on network and system administration. I take a care of over 10 Linux routers and servers, wan networking between branch offices and main factory, internet connection. I also administer few cisco routers. And from time to time wrote some simple web application for internal use. Skills: Languages: czech: czech is my native language. English: I'm able to speak in English but have not much practice.

a novel server operator, and programmer. I program in c, pascal, paradox, and FoxPro. Nov 1995 present Moraviapress. My work was a programming and network administration. I develop few main software applications for mailing and office. These evolved from simple application in Paradox to more complex applications written in ms access.

The more i know, them more i know about things I do not know. Enhance more my network administration skills, achieve a cisco ccna certifiaction and possible other certifications. Learn another unix like systems. In my queue i have a bsd, mac os-x, irix and possible others as I come in contact with them. Train my english and activelly points use. Try to learn another language. In spare time i learn Spanish. Enhance my programing skills in scripting languages and also in compiled languages.

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Hlavní stránka, starší zprávy, poznámky, knihovna odkazů, x Windows colors, návrh nových stránek. Download Area, resume, tyto stránky na: statistika na :, analog, i just begun work on this page. It's not so complete and accurate as I want it. My name is review Radek hnilica. In present time i'm working as a network Adminstrator for moraviapress. And also as a network Administrator for a small isp telekom-Servis. I take care of over 20 Linux servers and routers, and few cisco routers. —, radek Hnilica, professional goals: Enhance my skills in Linux System Administration, network Administration and achieve some sort of Certificate (lpi, sair).

rails resume
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Tak resumé, ať je reverz před nebo až za ranžírkou, pokaždé se zpráva zobrazí. For developing web applications i use ruby on rails.

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  1. The team develops and maintains several applications, rubygems developed using. Rails.2, ruby.2.3, Angular.5, rspec, jasmine. Rails : Worked on mature, rails applications with a large legacy codebase.

  2. Sql html css bootstrap Jquery AngularJs2 Agile software development. Rails engineer resume, sample job, resume, for railroad Engineer. 2) Plan roadbed, rail size and curves to meet train speed load.

  3. Im veteran Ruby and, rails developer with deep experience in both the technologies and practices of the. Refactored a legacy, rails app to handle more load and use best practices. Ruby On, rails developer Ruby, rails, ubuntu, mac, mysql ruby, rails.

  4. Ruby on, rails /Spree ecommerce-based telephony site that made the front page of ashdot. Org (December 6, 2011) and was featured. Justin Gordon, resume 1990s may 7th, 2013 12:48 am Digital Workforce, san Francisco, ca, co-founder, cto co-designed and wrote.

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