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the art of the essay

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Michael Freeman, author of The Photographers Mind, writes that a clichéd photograph is any subject or style that becomes so popular and so reproducible that it is taken up by many photographers. In other words, the image loses its authenticity and originality because of so many people taking the same type of shot of the same subject. The photographer who takes a snapshot, without intention of capturing an idea, is not an artist. Often the novel photographer just points the camera at the subject and then presses the shutter. There is no preparation or pre-visualization, composition, or framing. And if he or she takes a photograph that embraces the attributes of art, the work is an accident. Like the painter or installation artist, the photographer is an artist when he or she intends to create art with his or her camera and not a snapshot. The photographer has a vision of what he or she desires to capture and then intends to make this image with his camera and digital darkroom software.

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Only trained photographers can create art. And yet, many photographers are extended self-taught. If the person has an understanding of what is art, knowledge of composition, can see creatively using the elements of art, is able to skillfully capture an interesting image that embodies a concept or idea, such as love, and then can enhance this image with. The type of camera is irrelevant. These photographers are no different than the children who create art by drawing in grade school or the masters of photography such as Friedlander, william Shore, gary winogrand, and many others who embraced Snap shot aesthetics with cameras that are not as powerful as the. Though the type of camera is irrelevant when it comes to creating art, any serious photographer knows that that if he or she must use a slr digital Camera with advanced features and various types of lens takes better photographs than the point and shoot. Using a slr digital camera and various lens, such as the wide-angle lens, a serious photographer can capture the full range of photographs available, such as wide-angle perspective or shallow depth of field or selective focus. As well, the serious photographer will use the digital darkroom, such as Lightroom or Photoshop, with far more special effects tools to edit and enhance these images. Furthermore, a serious photographer is aware that in order to compete with other like minded artists, become recognized by the public and art world, sell photographs, have an opportunity to put on exhibitions, he or she must take photographs with a full-frame digital slr camera. The Photographer as An Artist, not all photographs are art. The clichéd photograph is never art.

Lighting effects, reflections, urban blur, such as a streetscape or crowd of dillard people. Light play, including light trails, nudes, composite, montage, collage. Art Photographs Captured with Smart Phones. Since the birth of the smartphone, such as the iphone, and emergence of image editing apps like instagram, millions of people around the world are now capturing awesome images with their phones and then adding special effects. Does this mean these people are artists? Are their photographs works of art? Duchamp would say they are. The art world would argue that they are not.

the art of the essay

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You can find art photographs in life any genre— from landscape to portrait to still life to documentary. One genre of photography that is easily identifiable as art is the fine art photograph. Fine Art Photograph, in fine art photography, the photographer uses the image to express his or her vision, communicate an idea, and evoke some emotion, triggering a reaction in the viewer. The photographer can use various styles to make a fine art image, including realism, expressionism, and abstract. The photographer can also slogan use any genre, such as landscape or portrait, to create a fine art photograph. The photographer can plan the short in the studio, or capture in on the street in an unplanned setting. After capturing the image, the photographer can also manipulate in the digital darkroom using various techniques, such as colour saturation, hdr, or black and white. Martin Freeman, in Digital Photography master Class, identified a few of the subjects for fine art photographs, including: Monochrome portrait, monochrome landscape, abstracts of architecture.

The artistic photograph includes the following characteristics: Composed with eyes that view the subject creatively, often within a context, using the rule of thirds, leading lines, frame within a frame, and so forth. Embodies some idea or concept or tells a story. Includes the elements of art—line, shape, form, colour, texture, pattern. Captures the subject from a unique perspective. Provokes a reaction in the mind of the viewer. Often makes artistic use of lighting and composition. Constructed or made at the time the image is captured and then edited post-production. For instance, the photographer uses the film darkroom or software to enhance the image. Skillfully composed by someone who is self-taught or trained as a photographer.

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the art of the essay

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For instance, the museum of Modern Art has put on exhibitions by the likes of photographers diane Arbus, Andreas Gursky, and resume Jeff Wall. Photographs now capture the attention of collectors. In 2011, a andreas Gursky photograph, a large-format print called Rhein ii, (meaning the Rhine sold for.3 million at Christies auction house. Today, you can read stories about photography by art critics in most art magazines. For instance, canadian Art magazine published a photography special in the winter of 2013.

One of the photographers identified as a art photographer is Fred Herzog, who captured life on the street in Vancouver during the 50s and 60s. By conducting a google search, you can also find countless galleries of photography, blogs about photography, and websites of photographers promoting their talents and art photography. Characteristics of Artistic Photographs, what are the characteristics of an artistic photograph? The photographer can make an artistic photograph planning and capturing it in the studio or with an idea and then capture it on the street in a spontaneous manner. Study the masters of photography, like ansel Adams, Arnold Newman, Annie leibovitz, henri-cartier Bresson and many others, and you will learn to understand the characteristics of an artistic photograph. These images are worthy of being judged as art.

Cindy Sherman takes self-portraits using various sets, costumes, hairstyles, poses, and lighting. Jeff Wall and Gregory Crewdson construct conceptual photographs using lighting, sets, artifacts, icons, models.  Other contemporary photographers have displayed their works as large-format prints. Edward Burtynsky creates art from the effects of man polluting the environment. . Andreas Gursky is known for his large-format images of landscape and architecture. The contemporary art world has also judged photojournalism and documentary photography to be art.

Photojournalism and documentary photographs adorn the walls of most galleries. Steve mcCurry ( m /  ) who is photojournalist and documentary photographer has captured of war and people in the third world. Documentary photography martin Parr ( m /  )  is recognized around the world for his images of people in various social settings, such as travel and beach. . Many photographers complete photography projects that become art. For instance, lauren Greenfield completed a documentary project called Thin, in which she documented women with eating disorders. Her photographs now hang on the walls of  The fahey/Klein Gallery. ( m, photography is now one of the most popular mediums for creating art. Museums and galleries around the world regularly organize photography exhibitions.

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The art world began recognizing snapshot aesthetics as art. . Galleries started putting on exhibitions of a photographers body of work, such as the photographs of William Eggleston and Steven Shore and Gary winogrand. Helmut Newton captured the viewers attention, creating erotica with images of female nude ving Penn created art with his camera by organizing and then taking photographs of still life, including cigarette butts and food. At the same time during the late 60s, conceptual art became popular surgery in the art world, which meant that photographers and other artists started using the camera to capture images that embodied ideas. Using the camera to create conceptual art is still very popular today. Several popular photographers have focused on constructing their images by preplanning and then staging the scene. Annie leibovitz has created art from portraits of famous people using costume, posing, and lighting.

the art of the essay

For instance, arnold Newman composed his subjects artistically within their working environment and then took celebrity portraits of them. One of his famous photographs captures Igor Stranvinsky sitting at the far left of his piano. Robert Frank journeyed across the United states in an old car, capturing the ordinary, banal, prosaic of American life. In the 1960s, a myriad of photographers followed the footsteps of Robert Frank and began creating snap shot aesthetics with their film-based cameras. Photographers such as Gary winogrand, vivien maier, diane Arbus, Steven Shore, elliot Erwitt, lee friedlander, and many others began taking candid photographs of everyday life. Subjects included gas stations, billbards, people completing daily rountines, such as smoking a cigarette, waiting for a bus, reading a newspaper. For the viewer, these images seemed spontaneous, random, accidental. But the art world saw art, and began referring to these images as snap shot aesthetics, which meant that the photographer intentionally captured everyday life with artistic flare, often with an off-centred focal point. In the 60s, the Art world began recognizing photography as another medium that could create methodologies art.

only person who is an artist with a camera is the trained person, either self-taught or formal education, who begins with an idea or concept, then intends to create art with by making photographs. This implies that the art of photography is about making photographs—not taking snapshots. Photography as Art, the photographer can create art from any genre, still life, street photography, documentary, landscape, nude, portrait, using a particular stylepoint of view, choice of lens, type of lighting, color or black and white. In the 30s, Edward Weston began seeing landscapes creatively and  captured it with his camera in black and white. . Similarly, ansel Adams often captured landscapes as abstracts in black and white. The museum of Modern Art also began collecting photographs at this time. Throughout the 50s, many photographers began viewing the camera as a tool for creating art.

Most people would agree that art is sketching, drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, resume and mixed media. In recent years, the Art world has embraced photography as a medium that people can use to create works of art. Yet, not all photographs are considered art. Suppose a woman with little training in photography purchases a point and-shoot camera and then takes snapshots of her children. Is she an artist? Most people who have knowledge of art would disagree. Suppose another woman takes courses at university, studies the masters of photography, learns to use the features of her digital slr camera, such as shooting in aperture priority and shutter priority, pre-visualizes her subject, use lighting artistically, then begins taking photographs with the intention. Many would argue she is not an artist.

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Art Work by william Eggleston, by dave hood, you dont take front a photograph, you make. . When is a photograph a work of art? Marcel Duchamp said anything can be art. Many people believe art is about form and content. Form referring to the elements of art, such as line, shape, colour. Content referring to the artists intention or message. Many contemporary artists embrace art as concept—the idea is more important than the work of art. For many, something is art if it embodies beauty or the sublime.

the art of the essay
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