Village life essay in english

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village life essay in english

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Character is the wall that youth must build around itself to protect against the onslaught of temptation. Category 2 Class 10 to 12: Freedom does not mean License, but the wisdom to Choose what is right for Oneself. Word Limit : 1000 words points to ponder Freedom, a word often misunderstood has long been the crux of the conflict between generations. Since time immemorial, youth have appeared to advocate change through an unconditional license to have their way, often appearing to, in the process undervalue the. Character means to perform the individual behavior as setup envisaged by our forefathers based on their long experience for smooth and peaceful social life. Character is totally individual property developed by surroundings and socialization of a human being. The good or bad concept of character differs from society to society and place to place. The crown and glory of life is character.

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Character, protect, life, charactor, protect, life, character and Greatness Great men do not do great things by accident. If you look at great men like abraham Lincoln and george washington, you will find they did not invoke change in our generation by chance, rather, they were driven by an inward need to make things right—possessed with a rock-solid character formed from solid values. Abraham Lincoln did not wake up one day and decide to focus his efforts on passing legislation to free the slaves, he was driven by a value system that knew it was not right for a man (or woman) to be forced to serve another. Washington is said to have adopted Charles moore's "Rules of civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation." Detailing Washington's recreated rules, the University of Virginia writes: "Washington wrote out a copy of the 110 Rules in his school book when he was about sixteen-years. All-india essay writing event 2010, an Invitation to the youth. This year in commemoration of un international year of youth, srcm, in partnership with the un information center for India and Bhutan presents the All-India essay writing event 2010. In a year dedicated to you, we invite you the youth to come forward and express your thoughts and ideas on these topics, designed to give you a unique opportunity for introspection and self assessment. Topics, times theme for the All India essay writing event 2010: youth: a time of Promise and for Effort Category 1 Class 6 to 9: Character, protects, life, word Limit : 750 words points to ponder itzwater once said. Character is the sum and total of ones choices. What then is the surest way to choose rightly? Youth is a period in life ridden with temptations that interfere with ones ability to tell right from wrong.

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village life essay in english

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The villagers in India live a simple and pure life. . They start their work early in the morning, and remain resume in the fields till sunset. . everything is done leisurely. . Life is lived at a slow pace; they do not seem to be in a hurry. . They do not have any craze for material pursuits. . There is no cutthroat competition and the degrading struggle for existence among them. They take everything in an easy way. Continue reading life feasibility of indian village » 0diggsdigg, incoming search terms for the article: * character protects life * article on character protects life * character protects life essay * essay on character protects life * articles on character protects life * character protects our.

Life in an Indian village is conducive to health. It has its dark side as well; illiteracy prevails and ignorance is the cause of many evils. The Indian villagers are extremely poor, and do not get even two times meals. The villagers do not have even the common amenities like medical facilities, proper sanitation, etc. They have few amusements and recreations and their life is monotonous. After Independence, our government is busy in different programmes for rural uplift. Essay, the Indian villagers lead a natural life. . They do not know of any artificiality and outward show which characterize the town life. Cowper, in one of his poems says rightly said, god made the country and man made the town. .

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village life essay in english

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Others prefer it owning to its medical and cultural advantages. It is all a smith matter of taste. I, myself, like to live in a village in the close vicinity of a city so that I may enjoy the pleasures both of the city and the country. Gujarati ( ) ( ) gujarati ( ) ( ). translate thimiru tamil word in english lines to translate translate thimiru telugu word in english to translate translate pegulu word in english translate word in english translate in english veyi kannulatho translate thimmerlu telugu word in english. Niku em ishtam translate in english. Athadu vacchadu translate in english, translate into English nathi matalu translate in english, translate into English niku em ishtam translate in english.

Niku em ishtam translate in english korika telugu word in english word for word varasatvam meaning word in english varasatvam means word in english anubavam meaning word in english anubavam means word in english kallu tiragadam word in english tiragadam akramalu in english illegalities kandaralu. Life of indian village, life in an indian village. . Life in an Indian village is natural. . It is free from artificiality and outward show. An Indian villager leads a calm and quiet life, free from the noise and din, hustle and bustle.

The food sold in the market is entirely unwholesome and unfit for consumptions. The villages suffer from no such drawbacks. One has to face many difficulties in a big city. Life is every costly. People have to live with pomp and show. A simple life, like that of the villages, is impossible in the city.

Beside, the cities are over-crowded and people get very little accommodation. Rates are high and newcomers have to put up with a great deal of hardship. Distances are long and much time is wasted in going from one place to another. People in the city do not have much sympathy for others. There is no fellow-feeling. That sympathy and close interdependence which is so marked in villages life is entirely lacking in the city. Such is the life in big city. That is why many people do not like to live there.

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He cannot appreciate the charms of birds and flowers, or the beauty of the day-dawn and the sunset as in villages. City life is extremely unhealthy. Air pollution, water pollution and sound pollution have converted the city life into hell. The smoke coming out a number of factories makes the atmosphere dirty. The sky is always covered with black clouds. The people get no opportunity to resumes breathe free and pure air, or to enjoy clear sunshine. Beside this, food in the cities is dirty and adulterated. We cannot get pure milk and ghee.

village life essay in english

City people are more cultured and refined. There we find opportunities to mix with people from every corner of the religion country as also from foreign countries. We meet people who have different nature, different ideas, and different ways of living and thinking. In this way, our outlook is broadened and our views enlarged. Cities have many disadvantages also. The remark of the English poet Cowper "God made the country and man made the town" is quite true. In the city, we cannot enjoy the beauties of nature, as we can do in villages. City life is artificial. Man lives cut off from nature.

finest quality. There are also many parks and gardens where we can enjoy natural beauty at is best. The markets of the city, specially when brilliantly lighted at night, are better than many exhibitions and fairs. The most important advantages of cities is the availability of avenues of employment. They are centres of trade and commerce. There are big offices as well as large number of factories and mills. Persons with every kind of qualification can easily find jobs to suit them. No such opportunities exist in villages where the people depend mostly on agriculture. There are many other advantages of city life.

Even a person of ordinary means can give his sons and daughters the highest education according to their financial capacity. There are also a very large number of schools both for boys and girls in very city. They also provide well-equipped libraries and reading rooms for public use. Such arrangements do not exist in small towns and villages. Cities also provide ample medical facilities. In every city, offer there are good hospitals in which the poor get free medicines and treatment. Many well-qualified private doctors are also there to serve the sick and the suffering. Lack of such medical arrangement is a drawback of villages. Besides this, cities also provide many fine opportunities for amusement and recreation.

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Comparative essay on City life. Though Indian is mainly a land of villages, there are many cities as well in the country. Some of the cities like delhi, mumbai and Kolkata are very big. They have a population of several millions. Life in these big cities is quite different from the life in a village. Let us here consider, in brief, the life in a big city and point out some of its important advantages and disadvantages. In big cities we find good arrangements for education. Big colleges even universities, are found here.

village life essay in english
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